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Today Lisa and I went into Reno for me to return/exchange two of the books I bought with my Christmas gift card that turned out to be duplicates, and to go to the SAS Store to turn in one pair each of our shoes to be sent for resoling. After stopping at the Sparks Nugget for a nice breakfast at Rosie's Diner (they have a seafood omelet Lisa likes), we dealt with the other two errands. It turns out to the the pair of my shoes that I brought them was too badly worn on the uppers for them to repair them; however, that was not a problem inasmuch as I just swapped them for the pair I was wearing, which was repairable. The cost of refurbishing the shoes is half that of a new pair, and considering that these shoes have lasted for years already, it's very cost-effective.

We had some vague ideas of doing other shopping as well, but Lisa is not feeling well and after we dealt with the shoes, said, "Let's go home," which we did.

While I was in Reno, my mother called. We discussed my idea of popping down to see her tomorrow, weather permitting, and after discussing it for a while, she said not to do so as a special trip, but instead to do so as part of my next regular trip to the Bay Area. When that will be is unclear. I'm supposed to go down there a week from tomorrow, but current week-ahead weather forecasts suggest that snow will get in the way. I may have to leave on Friday afternoon and go first to Yuba City that day, then on to the Bay Area, in order to dodge snowstorms. Somewhat ironically, it has warmed up sufficiently in Fernley that electric heaters are sufficient and we let the wood fire burn out for the first time in a week. (This did give me a chance to clean the stove, something you can't easily do when it's hot.)

I'm delighted that we're getting lots of snow in the mountains, but it's definitely personally inconvenient for my Nevada-to-Bay-Area commuting.
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