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We had another band of thunderstorms roll through today. It did not rain that much and did not reduce the temperatures a great deal, but it did apparently start a fire north of here.

Fire Near Wadsworth

This plume of smoke is from a fire north of Wadsworth, about ten miles north of my house according to the reports I've seen online.

As I started to compose this message, I thought I'd get an updated picture of the fire and got a small surprise when I went out onto the porch.

House Bunny

One of the local rabbits had been nibbling away just outside the front gate. It startled, moved off a bit, and then as I came down the steps, set off across the street back into the railroad yard where it and its family appear to live.

Fire Near Wadsworth

As the rabbit headed for shelter (you can see it running for the pile of railroad supplies in the foreground), I took this picture of the growing plume of smoke.

After all of the wildfires that we've had around here, it's almost hard to believe there was much more left the burn, but there's clearly a lot more dry brush out there, even with hailstorms and thundershowers flattening things.

Date: 2017-07-30 07:14 pm (UTC)
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There are a surprising number of rabbits in the Hollywood district of Portland. I've seen them in the parking lot of my work and after the sun goes down it's quite common to see rabbits in the lightrail station so recently in the news. I suspect they like the bushes alongside the railroad tracks.

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