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On Friday, I actually did have a few hours of "spare" time after the Business Meeting, so after I changed out of my suit into my San Jose shirt and Lisa put away the recording gear, we went down and joined Linda Deneroff, then took the train downtown and had lunch because the food court restaurants had queues out the doors.

What's That? Fishes?

Kuma Bear pokes his nose over my plate of salmon risotto with roe with great interest. Maybe I should have had him eat more of it, because while it tasted great, it shot my blood sugar up over 300. I took an extra dose of Metformin and hoped for the best. Maybe I should have walked back to the hotel instead of taking the tram.

While I was writing up Business Meeting summaries and getting ready for the Hugo Awards, Lisa took the tram down to the S-Market and the hardware store we found the other day and did some more hardware and grocery shopping for us. The minibar fridge is small, so we can't buy very far ahead.

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