Jan. 8th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Snow Day)
After the snowstorm here in Fernley, ice was everywhere.

What Do You Know, Ice and Snow )

Lisa got the Small Orange Pickup out of the garage later and we went to Big R, where they were out of walk-clearing salt but did have a few snow shovels left, then after that went to Scolari's to get some groceries. Like with the propane, we could have put this off due to our reserves, but when the opportunity presents itself to get out and restock, we take it.

Taking advice from the people at Big R, I applied wax to the new snow shovel, and later that night, Lisa and I got out and used it to clear a path on the last second of sidewalk that was still blocked with snow. Waxing the snow shovel does indeed make it easier to use because the snow is less likely to freeze to the shovel.

This morning, the promised rain arrived. I got out and used the new shovel to clear the full width of the sidewalks, then I laid down more absorbent grit, because the sidewalks were very slippery with rain on recently-frozen surfaces.

The rain fell all day, and some of the pictures I've seen of high water in Reno are quite impressive. Parts of Sparks have been closed off due to flooding, and the Truckee River is well above flood stage, as is the Walker River out of Carson City. In Fernley, there are reports of localized flooding, but where I live is relatively higher than much of the town. We still have lots of slush and minor flooding because there's nowhere for the water to go, but we have it relatively easy compared to people in lower-lying areas who were sandbagging their homes.

Although technically I-80 was open with no chain controls, I would have felt very unsafe trying to drive over it in the Rolling Stone today, with high winds and large amounts of rain. Caltrans reported local flooding caused by ice clogging storm drains, and there were a number of videos showing them pumping water away in spectacular fashion. Me, I'm happier to stay home, rearrange my work schedule and other appointments, and wait for better weather.

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