Feb. 4th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Snow Day)
Remember this from the series of snowstorms that hit Fernley a few weeks ago?

Peak Snow )

Three weeks later, and the picture is somewhat different.

One Last Snowball )

Besides the tiny remnant out front of the gate, there are a few bits here and there in the north lee of the house, where there's no direct sunlight at this time of the year and therefore only air-temperature melting is in effect. While it has been warmer these past few days, it hasn't been that warm, and with roughly 20-30 cm of accumulated snow at the peak, it's taking a while for the last bits to go away.

It's relatively clear in Fernley, but the Sierra Nevada is taking more snow, which is good. We really don't want any rain up there right now. Let's have lots more snow and let it accumulate until we need it in the spring and summer.

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