Apr. 2nd, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Let's Split)
Some of you may recall that some weeks ago, Lisa and I dragged a stump that had been dumped by the side of the street out of the area it was blocking (we feared a truck would run into it in the dark as it pulled in to park) to the front of our house. Today, Lisa got out the electric chainsaw and I wielded the splitting wedge and we set to work on reducing the stump to usable pieces.

A Stumpy Wheelbarrow )

After clearing the wood and resting for a while, Lisa drove us into Sparks, where we managed to find a piece of hardware that had eluded us in Fernley: a large-size level. Easy enough to find in Fernley, if you are willing to buy Chinese. We found one that suits what Lisa wants to do, and is made in the USA. Not everything is made in China, despite what some people seem to think. Yesterday, we were looking for a certain kind of drill bit at Big R, and while most of the bits were Chinese, there was a Bosch bit that was made in Germany, and we bought it. Moreover, it appears that there are more and more tools coming back to the USA. Possibly the length of the supply chain and the difficulty of maintaining quality at such long distances is coming home to roost for some of those companies that thought that cost was the only factor.

Feeling accomplished, we stopped at the Nugget for dinner (actually second breakfast) before heading home. Very routine stuff for us home-bodies.

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