Apr. 4th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Hugo Logo)
So today was Hugo Awards Finalist Announcement Day. For reasons I understand, Worldcon 75 chose to drop the announcement at 07:00 Pacific Time, which for me personally is one of the worst times of the day due to peak activity at Day Jobbe. Fortunately, Cheryl was at home today and was in a position to get what we did receive posted.

Unfortunately, there was some sort of glitch that meant that the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee did not get an embargoed copy of the finalist list in advance. This meant that while we were able to post the YouTube video of the announcement soon after it posted, and were able to retweet the Twitter posts by each category, there was a bit of a delay while Cheryl updated the 2017 Hugo Awards page with this year's finalists. It got done, but it was a bit frustrating to have so many other news sources (which presumably got the embargoed results in advance) out there ahead of what is supposed to be the Official Hugo Awards Web Site itself.

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