Jun. 27th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Match Game SF)
I do wish that I didn't always have to leave so much show prep until the last couple of days, but it seems inevitable that a lot of the things on which I depend for a show don't come in until those last couple of days. Indeed, I expect that people will be contacting me about the show while we are traveling, and will be surprised to hear that we've already left home, since we leave tomorrow afternoon and get to Tempe sometime late Friday.

In any event, we have the question packs loaded, the commercials written, the prizes loaded (including a complimentary Worldcon 76 membership, which is a really nice prize!), all of the paperwork printed out, and I just helped Lisa carry the heaviest single piece of our kit out to the van. Lisa says she will take care of the rest of the packing of kit tonight after I go to bed, as her hours and mine are offset quite a bit right now. (But this does mean that she'll be able to drive during the first leg of the trip, which is Fernley to Tonopah.)

Work permitting, we'll leave after lunch tomorrow.

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