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Cheryl has posted her comprehensive Anticipation Worldcon Report. Comments over there, please.
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The video of the 2009 Site Selection WSFS Business Meeting held Sunday, August 9, at Anticipation is now online. If you have difficulty viewing the video through Vimeo's online viewer, you can download the video (WMV format) to your machine using the link in the lower right corner of the video's web page.

This meeting received the official results of the 2010 NASFiC and 2011 Worldcon Site Selection and received the first reports from the newly-seated committees. In addition, the meeting held Question Time for the 2010 Worldcon, Aussiecon Four and a short presentation from bids for the 2012 Worldcon.

This is the third and final video file of the 2009 WSFS Business Meetings. The earlier recordings are the Preliminary Business Meeting and the Main Business Meeting.

This information is not secret. Feel free to pass it along to anyone else you think might be interested. You can quote this message entirely if you wish.
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[ profile] redneckotaku offers his thoughts on the future of Worldcon from the point of view of a first-time attendee in his early 30s -- thirteen years younger than me, in fact. Comments over there, please.
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The video of the 2009 Main WSFS Business Meeting held Saturday, August 8, at Anticipation is now online. If you have difficulty viewing the video through Vimeo's online viewer, you can download the video (WMV format) to your machine using the link in the lower right corner of the video's web page.

Vimeo limits users to uploading 500 MB/week, although once uploaded, the files stay up there and new files do not displace them. I plan to post the Site Selection Business Meeting next week.

The Main Business Meeting dealt with amendments to the WSFS Constitution pending ratification after having received initial passage at the 2008 Business Meeting in Denver. The Main Event was the debate over the removal of the Semiprozine Hugo Award. Also on the agenda: The Graphic Story Hugo Award and the explicit expansion of Hugo Award eligibility to electronic (web-based) publication.

This information is not secret. Feel free to pass it along to anyone else you think might be interested. You can quote this message entirely if you wish.
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The video of the 2009 Preliminary WSFS Business Meeting held Friday, August 7, at Anticipation is now online. If you have difficulty viewing the video through Vimeo's online viewer, you can download the video (WMV format) to your machine using the link in the lower right corner of the video's web page.

Due to Vimeo's upload limitations, the Main Business Meeting will not be posted until next week.

The Preliminary Business Meeting includes reports from WSFS committees, consideration of resolutions such as extensions of eligibility for the Hugo Awards, first consideration of new constitutional amendments (two were proposed; one morphed into a non-binding resolution and the other was killed by Objection to Consideration), and setting initial debate time limits for items to be discussed at the Main Business Meeting.

While the bare summary of what the PBM may sound boring, there were some parliamentary fireworks at Friday's meeting. Indeed, I would suggest that from a meeting-watcher's point of view, Friday's PBM was probably more interesting than the Main Meeting on Saturday. It was, however, more stressful for Your Humble Chairman, although he was mostly ready for everything that happened that day.
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Tuesday was the only day I had available for tourism in Montreal. And it turned into not even a full day at that.

Anticipation coda )

Mailing my dirty laundry home )

Just in time for the downpour )

Finally into the Metro )

Fancy Meal for our Last Night )

Alas, our train leaves at 9:30 AM and we are definitely not going to get enough sleep tonight. Lisa and I are tearing up our hotel room trying to repack as much as we can before going to bed.

[ profile] travelswithkuma has more pictures of our exploits today, including pictures of the wonderful fish pond on the lobby level of our hotel.
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I got to sleep in this morning because there was no Business Meeting. After breakfast, Lisa and I got into our WSFS uniforms and headed over to the Palais to spend the last few hours of the convention socializing with people. I have to say that I often had difficulty moving more than a few meters before another conversation broke out.

Rush of events on Worldcon Monday )

I had fully intended to spend some time at the Dead Dog Party on the 5th Floor but once I was ensconced upstairs, particularly in the comfy couch, I didn't really feel like going anywhere. If anyone was expecting to catch up to me at the Dead Dog Party, I apologize.

As the clock struck 0100 on Tuesday morning, I decided it was high time to turn in. Lisa and I walked with Cheryl back to her hotel, with me carrying the Hugo again to the door of the Embassy Suites, where I gave her back her trophy and we said our goodbyes, after which Lisa and I returned to the hotel.

Although we don't have any specific deadline on Tuesday, we have free-breakfast coupons for Tuesday and Wednesday, and we don't want to waste our one day of tourism sleeping. I reckon I can sleep on the train after we leave Montreal. Also, I'm seriously considering shipping some of the papers and maybe even some of my clothes back to Oregon and California if the price isn't too awful. We'll figure it out on Tuesday. As it stands now, I need some sleep, and soon.
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As I said earlier, I figured my evening's excitement would end when I got back to my seat after unveiling the Hugo Logo. But not too long after that, the Best Fan Writer Hugo came up, and the winner was Cheryl Morgan! I was not the only person on his/her feet cheering for Cheryl. I heard a cry from the audience of "Bring back Emerald City!" Cheryl very graciously mentioned me in her acceptance speech, for which I'm grateful and flattered.

I had one other bit of excitement, as Girl Genius, my personal favorite for a long shot, won the first-ever Graphic Story Hugo Award. I'm delighted for the Foglios.

After the Ceremony, there was the usual mass scrum for photos. I got many, but have no time to process and post them. (It's nearly 4 AM as I compose this, and while I have no Business Meeting later this morning, thank goodness, I do need to get to bed Very Soon Now.) There are also pictures of me posing with Cheryl with her trophy.

I helped Cheryl carry her things back to her hotel, after which she got online and the two of us -- mostly her -- got to work updating the Hugo Awards web site, SF AwardsWatch, and her own blog. The "work" out of the way, we headed for the Delta and the Hugo Nominees Party. I got to carry the Hugo trophy part-way down. Every few meters we seemed to cross paths with other people wanting to ooh and aah over the trophy and congratulate Cheryl. I was able to bask in the reflected glory.

The Hugo Nominees Party was winding down by the time we got there, and after a few minutes we headed up to 5 and made the rounds of the Con Suite and Reno and Raleigh parties. By then, it was after Midnight and we didn't feel like trying to make the trip up to 28, so I once again carried the trophy for Cheryl. We stopped at the bar at the Intercontinental and chatted with people, then I carried her trophy -- and nearly her, as she looked worn out -- back to the room. Taking care not to disturb her roommate, I carefully set Cheryl's trophy by her computer, gave her a big hug, and headed back to my hotel.

(Lisa had come with me to the pre-ceremony reception, but these things are not really her cup of orange juice, and she left before the ceremony started. She did go make the rounds of the parties earlier while I was in the ceremony, but had returned to the hotel long before I got back.)

I'm so happy for Cheryl! Now I really must get some sleep.
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The Hugo Awards Ceremony last night started only a few minutes late. I had a front-row seat because, as one of the people making a presentation, they wanted me in an easily accessible location. Shortly after the ceremony started, Sean Wells came and escorted me backstage, and at the appropriate moment I came out and gave my speech explaining the contest and process, and unveiling the Hugo Logo Design Contest Winner. I only bobbled my speech once that I noticed. There was a minor glitch in the slides, I think, but only a minor one and I think they corrected it pretty quickly.

(Jumping ahead a bit: Initial responses to the new logo have been nice and positive. In a nice touch, Anticipation made wax seals using the new logo design and sealed the envelopes with the winners' names using the seals. This can be re-used in subsequent years, which I think is a good thing.)

Vince Docherty then escorted me from the stage, I went back out to my seat, and I thought all of my excitement for the night was done. Boy, was I wrong!
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We expect this morning's WSFS Business Meeting to be relatively light. All of the substantive business (constitutional amendments and the like) was dealt with at the Saturday meeting, so all that remains for today is the announcement of the NASFiC and Worldcon site selection, followed by Question Time for seated Worldcons and short presentations for future year's bids. After that (but not before 1100) we have the Former Worldcon Chairs Photo opportunity. It's just vaguely possible that we might even have the Business Meeting adjourned before the Photo Op. After the meeting and photo op are done, it will be time for the Mark Protection Committee to hold its second meeting, elect new officers, and decide on the fate of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee.

We certainly should be able to adjourn the Business Meeting sine die ("without date" -- a technical term meaning it ends this year's series of meetings) today and not have to hold a Monday meeting.
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Quick summary of today's Business Meeting results now posted. More details later when I get a chance, but I have a panel in 20 minutes.
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I have compiled the relatively quick-and-dirty version of the Preliminary Business Meeting video. (It isn't as nicely set up as the Westercon BM video, but the audio is better.) Unfortunately, it's nearly 500 MB and would eat up my entire Vimeo weekly allowance even assuming I could somehow manage to upload it through the hotel system here.

I will have the file on a USB memory stick with me at today's Business Meeting for the benefit of anyone who has his/her computer there and wants a copy. I will upload the videos of the BM eventually, but don't expect it to happen during the convention.
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After the chaos of Thursday, Friday was my relatively quiet day, aside from chairing the WSFS Business Meeting. We got off from the hotel about ten minutes later than I'd hoped, although it did no real harm. The BM is at what is perceived as the "far end" of the Palais, although it's actually much closer to my hotel. We figured out that going around through the Chinatown entrance is faster than what looks like the direct route.

Business Meeting Talk )

After the Preliminary BM ended, I had no more program items for today, which meant I could relax a little bit. Reduced pressure )

After coming back from dinner, I composed the report on the actions of today's BM, and then it was Party Time, as we walked to the Delta through the underground warrens again, helping another fan find his way to the hotel with the help of a friendly passing Klingon. At the Delta, we had to queue for express elevators that took members to the 5th and 28th floors, where the parties were.

We tried to visit as many parties as we could, but it was difficult to really enjoy ourselves, because things were just too crowded. Also, Lisa says that parties that are mostly full of people drinking lots of alcohol also tend to be full of people who are not nice to Kuma Bear, which makes both her and Kuma cross. We did, however, talk with James Bacon, who gave us yet more UK train-driver kit, which is very nice of him. We found the UK party decorations that are actually for us. James said, "When you're ready to leave, just take the train signs with you." Unfortunately, we went back down from the 28th to the 5th floor, forgot to get the signs, and were part-way back to our own hotel before I remembered this.

The wait for elevators to escape from the Party Zone was so long that we went to the stairs. Fortunately, the stairs are a valid departure route and don't lead to an alarmed emergency exit. The parties seemed to be full of lots of people enjoying themselves, but Lisa seemed a little stressed out and happy to be heading 'home' for the night.

We stopped at the convenience store in the Palais just before they closed to pick up some juice and small snacks. The clerk made Lisa very unhappy by locking the exit while we were still in the store. I told Lisa to unlock the door and let herself out while I paid for our stuff. I agree that it's dangerous for the store's main door to not have a push-to-open exit, and for the clerk to bolt the door like that.

Returning to the hotel, Lisa took a bath and I tried to do a little video editing of the Preliminary Business Meeting. Unfortunately, MovieMaker crashed part-way through doing it and as soon as I post this, I'm going to need to reboot the computer.

I hope to get to sleep before 2 AM and to get at least five hours sleep tonight. It's possible that rather than hanging around enjoying the convention this past afternoon, I should have taken a nap instead.
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I have posted a summary of actions of the Preliminary WSFS Business Meeting. Comments over there, please.
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After the Opening Ceremonies, I went to the Delta and hit the parties. Wow, it's crowded up there! I hope they get the elevator party hosts in place by tomorrow night. We spent a fair amount of time in the Aberdeen Proving Ground bid for the 2011 Worldcon, in their first and last bid party. Help [ profile] redneckotaku in his quest to defeat None of the Above!

I did a whole lot more, but it's nearly 2 AM and I have to be up early enough to be ready to be at the Business Meeting for 9:30 AM, so I'm going to have to let the rest of it slide.
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The following item of new business was submitted this evening just before the deadline:

Moved, To amend the WSFS Constitution by inserting the following into the end of Section 3.8:
3.8.n If in the written fiction categories, no selected nominee has a female author or co-author, the highest nominee with a female author or co-author shall also be listed, provided that the nominee would appear on the list required by Section 3.11.14
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For known reasons, Thursdays are usually my busiest Worldcon day. I registered without incident and dealt with the most pressing things, but many others remain, and I have four panels in a row, one of which is actually canceled but which people were expecting to attend. Lisa and I made a hand-lettered sign and put it on the door of the room where the "phantom" panel was to happen, giving us enough time to run get something to eat at the noodle house across the street from the hotel. A cloudburst drenched us as we dashed across the street back to the hotel with my take-out noodles. I'm eating lunch and dealing with business here during what would be the "phantom" 14:00 panel and hoping that my sign is enough to redirect people to the correct 15:30 panel.

(The same items is listed at 14:00 and 15:30 in different places. The second one is real; the first is correctly removed from the grid, but is in the detailed schedule.)

I've been handing "Worldcon Chairs Photo Op" business cards with the Sunday 11:00 at the Business Meeting info to any Worldcon chair I see. Among those we have seen is Hiroke Inoue, with whom we were happy to spend a few minutes talking along with his wife Tamie. Alas, Inoue-san has to fly back to Japan on Friday because of work commitments. That's so sad, to be only able to spend about 24 hours at Worldcon. But [ profile] jaylake would know something about flying halfway 'round the world for a mere 24 hours of Worldcon.
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We got in to Montreal about 20:00, only about an hour late. I have lots of writing that I did on the train from Schenectady queued up, but am too sleeping to format the messages. Wednesday's travel will probably appear in a back-dated entry eventually. I hope.

We're moved in to our hotel. We have a mini-fridge -- my platinum upgrade worked! I have a free breakfast Thursday and also the final two mornings that I'm here. We went out to Chinatown around midnight for dinner -- several of the places here are open until 4 AM! -- but were so sleepy that we took our food to go and staggered back to the room. Sleep, must have sleep. Thursday is actually my busiest programming day.
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We're received some additional committee reports and accordingly updated the WSFS Business Meeting information on the Anticipation web site. This is the last of the reports we expected to receive and the final planned update before the convention.

Business Meeting Schedule )

Although there usually is not a Business Meeting on Monday, there have been some rumblings of postponing consideration of the Best Graphic Story Hugo Award until a Monday meeting so that the meeting could have the benefit of seeing the detailed Hugo Awards nomination and voting results.
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Anticipation has updated the WSFS Business Meeting Information including the current Agenda and Committee Reports.

Comments closed here; if you want to comment, see the post on [ profile] anticipation_09

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