Jan. 6th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Snow Day)
It was pretty cold last night (low of about -15°C) and it didn't get above freezing today, although everywhere the direct sunlight was able to hit tended to melt just slightly and then freeze again. Not that there was much sunshine, although I did take a couple of pictures that make things look nicer than they tend to do so in drier conditions.

Fernley Sparkles )

When I got up this morning, there was some very light snow falling. I didn't sweep the front porch, which was a mistake, because by the time the snow stopped, what had fallen had also frozen on the porch. (The sidewalks managed to stay clear except for the section that isn't getting any direct sunlight.) I spread grit on the porch, steps, and the icy spots, which gave us sufficient traction to avoid wiping out on the ice.

This evening, we tried the new Fernley Burger House for the first time. They make good burgers, and we'll be back, assuming they can get through their early-opening jitters, which have included having to close early because they ran out of food! They took over the building that used to be a good little burrito stand, and I read in the local paper that it used to be burger stand before that as well. The new place is more expensive than chain fast food, but if I wanted cheap, I'd got to a cheap place and get what I paid for.

After dinner, we decided to risk going out for a walk. It's very icy out there, and we needed to take it very carefully as we made our way to the post office and back.

Tomorrow's forecast is for snow in the morning turning to rain later in the day, with warmer temperatures on Sunday with rain. We'll see how much of this snow turns to slush. We're glad that the house is well stocked, so we don't need to go to Reno. Lisa might use the pickup for a trip over to the Big R to buy some salt for our walks or to Scolari's grocery store for a few perishables, but we really do keep the place rigged so that much of the time we can go many days without restocking.

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