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We set no alarms last night and I got almost a full eight hours of sleep. After a nice breakfast in the Tonopah Station Hotel restaurant, we set off for home about 10:45 AM. With only 200 miles to go, we knew we didn't have to rush. We congratulated ourselves for not making the mistake we made on the trip back from San Antonio, where an attempt to drive Las Vegas-Fernley in one day at the end of the trip nearly killed us.

Avoiding the 8 Ball )

About 3:45, we arrived home. The house was in one piece. The various wildfires (and a fire at the asphalt plant across the tracks from us) did not affect our home, thank goodness.

After nearly 1,700 miles driving over the past nine days, we were happy to be home. We unpacked some of the stuff from the minivan, restarted the house (I remembered to turn the water heater on this time) and got the swamp cooler and air conditioning systems running, and tried to relax. I do have to run out and get a few groceries for tonight and for tomorrow morning, which is an ordinary work day for me, but otherwise we're going to try and wind down.

While I'm sorry we couldn't also attend NASFiC this year, I can see that such a trip would have wiped us out. With nearly three weeks planned for the Worldcon trip (for which we set out in just under three weeks), we need some time to recover and prepare for Helsinki. We won't have the luxury of traveling with a minivan-load full of our gear, so we need to think carefully about how to pack.
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This morning we slept in a bit (which for me means 7 AM instead of 5 AM), had breakfast in the lounge, and packed out of the hotel room. The last took longer than expected because lots of other people were moving out at the same time and all of the luggage carts were in use. But we eventually got everything out of the room. Lodgecombing takes a lot longer for a one-bedroom apartment than for a typical hotel room. We said goodbye to one of the best hotel rooms we've ever had and turned north on US-95 heading for Tonopah.

The driving was a balancing act. If we drove at full speed, we couldn't run the air conditioning, but if we drove too slowly, it also caused overheating. So Lisa kept our speeds down (but not too far down) and balanced that against running the AC. Even on full Max AC, it was hard to hold out the 45°C temperatures with which Las Vegas and Beatty were cursed. Beatty was our last fuel stop before we get home. I did not buy more sugar-free chocolate raisins, but I did get some very nice (but also very expensive) wild boar jerky.

Today's trip was only about 200 miles, but on occasions, both Lisa and I got really tired and had to swap drivers to try and keep us fresh. One of the stops was the Area 51 Travel Center, where Kuma Bear had an Alien Experience.

Our inability to do long stretches (particularly on a hot desert highway like US-95 in Nevada) at the end of a long road trip is one of the reasons we planned to stop at Tonopah tonight. The other reason was so we could stop in Goldfield.

Museum Day )

Heading north from Goldfield, it started to cloud up, which was wonderful. The van's air conditioning started working better, and we only had to turn it off for the last heavy climb into Tonopah, and during that climb we even started getting bits of rain. Although it was still in the mid-30s C, it was still 10°C cooler than Las Vegas, which was really very nice.

We got to the Tonopah Station Hotel at about 5:45, roughly seven hours and 225 miles after we left Las Vegas. After checking in (they gave us the same room as the last time we stayed here) and getting me some milk from Scolari's grocery next door, we had dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant had a nice rib-eye steak special that we both ordered for dinner, and we remarked as how much nicer we find these smaller places than the over-pressured places in Vegas. Reno/Sparks is the "big city" for us. Vegas is too frenetic and loud.

After dinner, Lisa and I had a pleasant evening walk — something we couldn't do in Tempe or Vegas because of the heat &mdahs; and we went back to the hotel. Tomorrow we have the last 200 miles to go before we get home, regroup, and begin planning for the Worldcon trip.
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Amtrak normally runs two trains a day across northern Nevada: Numbers 5 and 6, the west- and east-bound California Zephyr. However, for the past several weeks, service has been suspended and the train's Chicago-Emeryville (for San Francisco) run has been truncated to Salt Lake City, due to various mudslides, washouts, and other weather-related disruption. This messed up [ profile] gridlore and [ profile] kshandra's plans to come to Reno, which is a shame on multiple levels.

I could find nothing on Amtrak's web site about the service disruption, other than when you tried to check the train's status, you got a "cannot provide status due to a service disruption; call us for more information." It would have been nice if they'd given us Westerners the same courtesy they do when the Northeast Corridor services are disrupted. I found out what was happening from a railroad fans message board.

Union Pacific and Amtrak finally got things back together, and two days ago, the first westbound Zephyr started for the west coast again.

Coming Through... Slowly )

I heard #5 on the radio scanner as the engineer acknowledged the signals at East Fernley putting it into the siding to allow for a meet with an eastbound local freight (the "Fernley Flyer"). Thus the train, which normally blows through on the main at the maximum allowed track speed of 70 mph, was coasting along on the siding. They were only delayed a few minutes, though, as the "Flyer" arrived just as Amtrak pulled up to West Fernley.

I'm not sure when eastbound service will be restored. The train that came through westbound this morning isn't visible on the Amtrak "track a train" map, and there's a train #6 showing eastbound between Fernley and Winnemucca that I didn't notice going by this morning. If it's really there and not a mistake on the Amtrak system, it might be a set of equipment deadheading to get equipment back where it belongs.
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Thanks to a generous co-worker taking over from me early, we were able to leave Fernley at 1:45 this afternoon, a bit more than an hour earlier than I originally planned. Lisa had been packing the minivan throughout the morning, so when I got the word that I could leave, all I had to do was shut down and pack away my computer, run through the secure-the-property checklist with Lisa, and we could go.

On the Road Again )

It's just as well that we started early, because we lose an hour coming to Wendover, inasmuch as they are on Mountain Time, sensibly enough, given that their clientele is mostly coming from the east. Fortunately, tomorrow's trip is shorter than today's, and so we can afford to start a bit late if necessary.
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We do not drive from home to the Bay Area or back via US-50 very often, but we did so on Sunday because we started in Placerville, having visited my friend Rick. As I mentioned on Sunday, Lisa did most of the driving. I had the opportunity to take pictures, but actually only took one.

Descending Into Tahoe )

We're really glad we were not going the other way. The going-home-from-the-lake traffic was backed up for many miles. We had a few stretches of slow traffic, and a slog through South Lake Tahoe itself (partially due to the big golf tournament that was going on along the lake that weekend), but otherwise the drive was relatively smooth.

Side Trip for Trains )

The direct route home would have been to take US-50 to Sliver Springs, but we had shopping we had to do, so we continued up US-395 (taking the low road, not the high road on I-580) to do our shopping and then head home.

Tomorrow I have to take the van into Sparks. Lisa thinks there is a crack in the muffler, and we certainly want that fixed before we head for Kansas City.
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I go out for walks around my neighborhood quite regularly, sometimes multiple times each day. A couple of days ago, something new appeared just down the street from my house.

You Don't See Vehicles Like This Just Anywhere )

If it weren't for the fact that Fernley is the Gateway to Gerlach and thus to Burning Man, this would a more unusual sight than it actually is, I reckon.
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Today was my first experience with the caucus system of determining delegates to the Democratic National Convention to select a presidential candidate. Through the last presidential election, I was a Californian, but I established Nevada residency a few years ago. At the end of today's experience, I found myself one of the selected delegates to the county Democratic convention to be held in Yerrington in April.

Glad I Got There Early )

Why Nevada Uses the Caucus System )

My Place in the Caucus )

Participatory Democracy is Sometimes Slow )

At Last We Begin )

With the preliminaries out of the way, we got into the actual caucus process, which actually turned out to be pretty simple, especially with only two candidates. In my precinct, 30 people attended, and therefore with six delegates allocated to us, a candidate would need at least 5 votes to be considered viable. If necessary, we would have done multiple rounds, but there were no undecided voters in our precinct, so we were able to reach a decision pretty quickly. A precinct captain worked through the numbers, and I checked his math and helped a little bit, prompting him to post the figures on the board.

After everything was finished, I went around and took pictures of all of the precinct returns. In one case, I got a Sharpie and wrote them on the big board, transcribing from the actual official precinct return, because they hadn't written it up as they were counting. Here's all of the returns, starting with my own precinct and working backwards.

Pictures of the East Fernley Precinct Returns )

The overall results from the East Fernley Caucus:

Hillary Clinton: 16 delegates
Bernie Sanders: 15 delegates

Despite the nearly even split, the mood at the caucus was generally quite respectful. I was unhappy with Sanders supporters booing Hillary's letter, but it was only scattered. I'm told that violence actually broke out at one of the other Fernley caucuses, apparently spawned by people not being allowed to bring food inside the caucus, as partisans had brought cookies. As I mentioned above, the police were called to our caucus, but only to deal with people illegally parked.

Picking Delegates to the County Convention )

I'm decently excited about my experience with the caucus system, and hope that I'm able to participate constructively at the county level. I doubt I'll go much past that, though, particularly inasmuch as I assume the state convention will be in Las Vegas, where most of the people in the state live, and that might prove problematic for me to attend even if the county convention saw fit to elect me as a delegate.
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Today was the 16th and final day of our road trip to SMOFCon, a relatively short trip of just over 200 miles from Tonopah to Fernley via Fallon. This allowed us the luxury of sleeping in for a couple of hours, having a relatively leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and not rushing as we moved out of the Tonopah Station Hotel. As we were checking out, Lisa spotted a book entitled Discovering the Ghost Railroads of Central Nevada in the hotel gift shop, and we not only bought it, we also decided to try and visit some of the places listed in it on our way home.

Railfanning Without Trains -- or Even a Railroad )

Heading back from the roundhouse site, we took the opportunity to use the rest area. Just as Lisa pulled in to the rest area, my phone rang. It was Diner's Club, asking me if I'd just used my credit card to purchase something at a Winn-Dixie store in Florida. "No!" I said, and confirmed that the most recent legitimate transaction was at Beatty yesterday afternoon. Diner's Club said they'd cancel the card and send me a new one, and that I wouldn't be responsible for that Florida charge. Thank goodness for a good suspicious-transaction algorithm. Fortunately, I have other cards I could use for the rest of the trip.

Blown Away at Tonopah Junction )

As we returned to our northbound journey, the weather grew steadily worse, as the forecast predicted. Rain started to fall as we passed through Hawthorne, and it got heavier as we passed through Walker Lake. Lisa then noticed that our oil pressure was down, and it was then that we remembered that we hadn't checked the oil level any time on this trip, and that I was quite overdue for an oil change. (In fact, I should have had the oil changed before we set out for Texas.) Stopping at Schurz, Lisa drove into the town's only service station, gaining us a slight bit of shelter from the whipping wind and rain, and we got out to check the oil. As I stood trying to shield Lisa from the wind while she checked the oil, my Jacaru hat (the "Aussie cowboy" hat some of you have seen me wearing, particularly in Fort Worth where I sort of fit in wearing it) blew off and took off in the general direction of Ely. I chased after it. For a while, I feared I'd never catch it, and if it had gone much farther it might have ended up in places where it would have been unsafe for me to follow, but fortunately the wind relented just long enough for me to catch it. In retrospect, I should have been wearing that hat I bought two days ago in Las Vegas, which also would have provided shelter from the rain but also had a chin strap.

When I got back to the van, Lisa confirmed that we were down at least one quart of oil. We bought a quart from the mini-market and felt lucky to be able to get the oil in at this point, because it was the only place between Walker Lake and Fallon where we could get it.

Yet More Weather )

After a stop in Fallon to check for something at the Big R there that they don't have at the store in Fernley, we turned for home, arriving about 3:30 PM, 1,763 miles from Fort Worth and 3,520 miles from when we set out for Texas sixteen days ago. Lisa ended up driving all but the first 100 of those miles home, and a substantial part of the trip out as well, which gave me a chance to do some sightseeing and take photos.

Weather-wise, we were pretty lucky. While it had been raining in Fernley earlier that day, it was clear (but cold) when we got home, and we were able to get the van unloaded without incident. Lisa got the house and travel trailer restarted, I shoveled the ashes from the fireplace, and as I started to kindle a fire in the fireplace, the predicted snow began to fall outside. Once the fire was burning well, I ordered a pizza and went to the grocery store to pick up some immediately needed supplies. I was impressed with Pizza Hut; within a minute of my walking in their door, they called my name to collect the pizza.

We enjoy traveling, but we are also very glad to be home.
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Not being able to use hotel carts meant that it took three loads to get our stuff down out of the Palazzo hotel room to the van; however, Lisa's parking-fu last night scored us a spot very close to the elevators, so we minimized delays there, and we were able to use video check-out to save another trip to the front desk. We were on the move about half an hour later than planned; however, traffic was light and we made good time going the "wrong way" back down to Boulder City to the Nevada Southern Railway Museum.

At Least We Got to Look at the Trains )

Although we weren't able to ride the trains today, we did stop at the Railroad Pass Casino and have brunch. We concluded that this turned out to be the best price-value buffet of the trip. They had a better omelet bar (including crab and shrimp) and better hash browns (almost as good as Waffle House), for a better price than the fancier places at which we dined earlier in our stay. Oh, and as we were leaving, we saw the NSRM train pulling in as the first half of the next hour's excursion. It's a shame that they can't figure out a way to make it possible to start your trip from either end of the line, possibly riding down to the Casino, spending an hour or two there, then riding back to Boulder City.

Although our original schedule was toast, that was not a problem, inasmuch as today's trip was the relatively short Las Vegas (revised to Boulder City) to Tonopah, only 235 miles according to Google Maps.

Nevada Test Site Photo Op )

Lisa drove all day today, as she has all the way from Albuquerque, and I'm grateful for it, as I haven't really felt very alert most of the day. But even Lisa was showing the wear of fifteen days on the road, and we were really happy to pull in to the Tonopah Station Hotel about 4 1/2 hours after we left Boulder City.

Although our room here at the Tonopah Station is an ordinary room, we did get a sort-of upgrade: they gave us one of the three standard (non-handicapped-configured) rooms in the hotel for which you do not need to negotiate stairs. This allowed us to use their luggage cart without having to haul bags up a flight or two of steps.

Tomorrow is the final day of the trip. We like to travel, but we're going to be glad to be home.
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Many of my friends are spending this weekend at Con-Volution in the Bay Area, but Lisa and I attended a railroad convention instead. We spent all day today in Carson City at the first ever SilverRail Railroad Photography Exhibition. This amounted to a one-day railroad fan convention with maybe as many as 50 people attending, with dealers in the lobby of the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall (a converted church), and the programming being a series of presentations on various rail-related subjects. For example, there was a presentation about the last days of electrified freight operations in Marysville-Yuba City on the Sacramento Northern. (The wires came down a few months before I was born in 1965.) There was another about the obscure Mina Subdivision of the Southern Pacific (now Union Pacific) Railroad, which branches off the mainline at Hazen, ten miles east of Fernley.

Full Day in Carson City )

This was the first SilverRail fair, but I hope it will not be the last.
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Yesterday evening we could see that the clouds were moving in just as the sun was heading for the horizon. Moonrise was supposed to be about one minute after sunset, but obviously we wouldn't be able to see the eclipse with all of these clouds moving in. Looking to the north and checking the satellite images, it looked like there might be clearer skies up toward Gerlach, and if we moved quickly, we might be able to get there while the moon was still eclipsed. So on a whim we headed north up NV-447 (the road to Burning Man, for those of you who have been there).

No Joy )

The one good thing about last night's trip is that we've now spotted a place where if we want to go look at the sky at night, we can probably get a really good view far away from most city lights and with relatively few passing cars (about one every twenty minutes) to spoil our night vision. The sky last night was clear to the west and above, and we had a great view of the Milky Way straight overhead, and we both think we saw several shooting stars. So it wasn't a wasted trip, even though we didn't get to see the Main Event.
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Today Lisa and I went over to Carson City to the Nevada State Museum (to which we have free admission due to our membership in the Friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum) and looked through a couple of the galleries we skipped last time. In particular, we spent a couple of hours in the geology section, which was fascinating and went through the series of events that explains why a high desert plateau about 4000 feet above sea level is a major source of diatomaceous earth, the source of which is ancient microscopic sea life. (Answer: much of what is now Nevada was part of a shallow ocean hundreds of millions of years ago.)

I got tired fairly quickly and Lisa's sleep schedule is very dislocated these days, so around 1 PM we went home via Reno, stopping for lunch at the Manhattan Deli. (Lisa's slot machine winnings counteracted my keno losses with $3 extra to boot.) Then we made our major grocery run to Winco before rushing home before Lisa collapsed from fatigue. She's been slowly working her way around the clock the past few weeks, so today she was up at about 3 AM. She does hope to last tomorrow until sundown and moonrise so we can watch the eclipse.
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On Sunday, we went over to Carson City to the Nevada State Railroad Museum and spent part of the afternoon. I got us going later than I hoped, so we only got to spend a couple of hours there.

Visiting Glenbrook, Riding Trains, and Dodging Bees )

We had an entertaining afternoon at the museum, for only the cost of driving over to Carson City as we are museum members. As I mentioned yesterday, I offered to make the Labor Day weekend a "staycation rail trifecta" by riding the Virginia & Truckee Railroad on Monday, but the first two days of railfanning were enough and instead we were responsible homeowners and worked around Fernley House doing cleaning chores.

It is pretty nifty having two decent railroad museums (one of which, Portola, bills itself as the largest by area in North America) within an easy drive of our home, a historic route (the V&T) also nearby, and of course the ongoing show right across the street from our house.
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My 50th birthday present was to be able to come home and sleep in my own bed, and for Lisa to do all of the driving, which allowed me to doze from time to time as we made our way through Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada.

Many Miles to Go Before We Slept )

As quickly as we could after getting home, we brought the house and travel trailer back to life and tried to get the house aired out and some cooler air flowing. Fortunately it wasn't too awful overnight, so I slept decently. Indeed, I slept for ten hours.

Today we need to actually unload the U-Haul and the rest of the stuff from the Astro, putting the Asteroids video game into the garage (but covering up the holes to discourage local mice from re-colonizing it) where it will await restoration.

I really enjoyed the Spokane Worldcon trip, fires, smoke, intense debate over small technical issues, Hugo Awards, mice-infested video games, and all, but I'm glad to be home. And I'm rather glad that there's a holiday weekend ahead before I have to return to the Bay Area. I'm getting Day Jobbe work done, but the extra sleep I get by not having to commute to an office will help me return to some semblance of normal humanity.
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For something connected to today's marriage-equality ruling from the US Supreme Court, see yesterday's post.

Last week, Lisa and I went for a drive into the USA's biggest industrial park, the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, located on USA Parkway off I-80 between Fernley and Reno. Recently, the state of Nevada agreed to buy the USA Parkway from the developer who built the park and to continue it down to US-50. The newly-designated NV-439 will thus form a bypass for traffic between Reno-Sparks and Hawthorne, Tonopah, and Las Vegas.

Home of the Gigafactory )

Don't get me wrong; I'm not opposed to growth. What worries me is unsupported and unsustainable growth.
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Yesterday morning, I could hear on the radio scanner the Union Pacific dispatcher working with maintenance crews to try and thread trains through the area while a UP rail testing car was inspecting the line. The test car moves slowly along the tracks using various tools (possibly ultrasound; I don't know the specific technology this car uses) to check for hidden defects in the rails that, left unaddressed, can cause a rail to shatter under the load of passing trains.

Test Car Coming Through )

This afternoon, as Lisa and I came back home from a short errand, the UP maintainer was parked in front of our house talking to the local cable serviceman. Lisa went and talked to the maintainer, who said that they've been changing out rails where the detector car found faults, and that's a good thing, but it ties up traffic on the railroad. It probably doesn't tie things up as much as a 17-car grain-train derailment that happened up at Flanigan NV a few days back. Lisa surprised the maintainer by telling him that she'd been there. It's a pretty desolate place, but we did visit it once.
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We made it to Pendleton, Oregon today, after leaving the hotel at about 8 AM but not getting out of Winnemucca until more like 9:15 AM on account of several errands we needed to run. I had left my jacket at home and had to buy a new one at Big R, as I'll need something when we get to Seaside. I also left my toiletries kit hanging on its hook in the bathroom at home, and we needed to go by Raley's to buy replacements. Fortunately, I did remember the bag with my medications, or else we would have had to double back to Fernley, a minimum five hour round trip, I think.

Our route was north on US-95, then west on I-84, and we got to the hotel in Pendleton just before 7 PM. The minivan ran pretty well when it ran, and started mostly first time, except when it had run for a long time. However, due to our concerns about it, at many intermediate stops, particularly those in relatively isolated places, we simply didn't stop the van but let it idle while we took our restroom breaks in turn.

Photos Along the Way )

During our drive into Oregon, we made an ill-advised dogleg into Caldwell, Idaho that probably cost us an hour of driving. Taking advantage of the last chance to pump our own gas, we stopped at the last exit in Idaho, refueled the minivan, and stopped for lunch. This was the only time on today's trip where the minivan was reluctant to restart, although it did eventually cough back to life after lunch without having to resort to the starting fluid.

Just back over the Oregon border is Ontario, Oregon. Based on when we got here, we determined that we should be able to drive here straight from Fernley later this year if we want to make the drive to Worldcon with only one overnight stop instead of two.

On to Pendleton )

After more than ten hours on the road, all we wanted to do was rest. Lisa took a bath and I ordered us a pizza and turned on the SF Giants game. (The hotel's wired internet access has decent speed; much better than Winnemucca's wi-fi.) I caught up on as much e-mail and messages as I could manage. But Friday we still have a fair bit to go, and we've not selected the fastest route from here to Spokane, in our attempt to minimize duplication of routes. Fortunately, the parts of the Spokane Worldcon meeting on Friday early are not the ones in which we have a personal interest. We'll see some of you Friday evening at the hospitality suite. Assuming the minivan holds together, of course.

Museum Day

May. 10th, 2015 10:19 am
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When we renewed our membership in the Friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum, we learned that it includes admission not just to the NSRM, but to six other state museums, only one of which (the East Ely museum) we visited recently. So on Saturday, we drove over to Carson City to visit the one we'd been to many years ago, the Nevada State Museum at Carson City. The museum is located in the former Carson City Mint, and not surprisingly there is a good portion of the museum dedicated to the former mint operations. We thought of [ profile] pcornelius and Lisa said, "Take a picture!" when we got to the coin/mint operations section.

Watch Your Fingers )

The nice thing about having a free admission to a museum near where you live is that you don't feel pressured to look at everything and read everything. We'll go back another day to look at the exhibits we missed yesterday. We also will make a point of going to the Reno museum, and probably someday the Las Vegas one, and of course we must find time to to the NSRM Boulder City as well, although unfortunately our next trip that direction is likely to be when they are not operating.
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Lisa was off her feet all day on Sunday, and she got very bored and asked me if I could take her for a little drive. She worked her way to the Astro on her crutches and I helped her into the back seat. She sat there because it was easier for her to elevate the sprained ankle by setting it on the console between the front seats. Then we went for a drive to explore a part of Fernley we'd never seen.

To the Fernley Highlands )

This took a long time to go a short distance, and I'm not sure we'll ever go up there again, but we were glad to see more of the city in which we live. Fernley has a lot of land to hold its 20,000 residents.
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Lisa and I did a short trip today south of Fernley and Silver Springs to Fort Churchill State Park, which is the closest of Nevada's 23 state parks to us. (It's about 23 mi/38 km south of Fernley on US 95 Alternate.) This park preserves the ruins of a US Army post established in 1861 to protect early settlers and abandoned only nine years later. The post was along the line of the Pony Express and the first transcontinental US telegraph line.

After lunch at the Black Bear Diner, we set off for Fort Churchill. After depositing our $5 day-use fee (includes $2 Nevada resident discount), we spent the next couple of hours wandering around the park and taking the short (1 km) trail through the adobe ruins.

Some Photos of the Park )

The full package of photos is in my Fort Churchill album on Flickr.

We found this an interesting visit, and we'll come back, but only when the weather is like it was today. It's awfully spring-like, which is a bad thing for the drought, but good for walking with only a light jacket. This post must have been really awful much of the year: blisteringly hot and dusty in the summer and bitingly cold in the winter. The hospital description talks of the ward being filled with cases of pneumonia, with measles and smallpox thrown in for good measure. However, when the weather is pleasant like this, it makes for a nice walk.

We enjoyed this bit of Nevada history, and expect to return on a nice spring day packing a lunch and exploring the rest of the trails in the complex.

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