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My re-imaged computer was shipped back to me yesterday (one day earlier than I expected), and so I had it directed to my house rather than to the PO Box. Around mid-morning, I also got an e-mail telling me that my new glasses were ready for pickup. I didn't expect the FedEx shipment to arrive until sometime in the afternoon, and it's only 750 steps to the optician's office, so I walked down and got the new glasses.

As I left their office, I noticed that there was a gap through which I could get to a dirt trail that leads back to Front Street, where I live, cutting a couple of blocks off the return walk. I'm lucky I went that way, because as I came onto Front Street, I saw the FedEx van heading toward me, having pulled away from my house unable to make the delivery. Yeow! Coming down the street at a run was Lisa, who was waving at me to stop the driver.

Fortunately for me, the driver had a delivery to make at the Imerys diatomaceous earth processing plant between where I was and my house, so I intercepted him, produced my ID, and signed for my package. Whew!

Oh, About the Glasses? )

Besides the new regular glasses, I also got a set of prescription sunglasses, so I no longer have to scratch up my regular lenses (which have some rather expensive anti-glare coating) with clip-ons.

Nailed It

May. 19th, 2017 05:29 pm
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I came very close to breaking my finger in January, and I've been paying for it ever since.

Cut for TMI About Bashed Fingers. No Pictures )

All in all, I appear to have gotten off fairly lightly.
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I've been getting due for a new pair of glasses soon, but because I don't spend as much time in the Bay Area as I used to do, it's harder to book an appointment with my optometrist down there. I already have two medical appointments booked (same day, afternoon, to minimize impact on my 6-to-3 job hours) next week. Thus yesterday, when the right temple piece of my glasses broke, it was a minor crisis. I am very grateful that Lisa has managed to bodge together a fix with tape and wire (and I can't fold my glasses anymore because of it) that will keep me going for a while, but now I really need to bite the bullet and decide whether I need to go to a local optometrist instead of the one I've been seeing for many years in the Bay Area. As much as I like Dr. Rita Fong, I suspect that I'm going to have to go local, particularly inasmuch as there is an optometrist that accepts my vision care insurance within walking distance of my house in Fernley.
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...and it will have been 24 hours since my dental work was done and I can drink coffee again. On the bright side, getting to sleep last night was trivially easy. I may have been asleep before my head hit the pillow.
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I got to the clinic 30 minutes early for my vision appointment (mainly because traffic is unpredictable so I try to leave extra time), and as they'd had a cancellation, they sent me right through. All tests look good. With my eyes dilated, there wasn't much I could do for the rest of the afternoon except have an early dinner, listen to the Giants lose to Colorado, and lay up for the day. It did mean that I got a decent amount of sleep last night, which probably helps.
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This afternoon (scheduled as late in the day as possible to reduce the amount of time I have to be off work) I have my annual diabetic eye exam. I've heretofore shown no sign of macular degeneration (as distinct from relatively normal age-related astigmatism), but as diabetes is a risk factor for it, I need to get screened annually. It's not the exam itself that bugs me as much as having to have my eyes dilated and thus being unable to read anything or use the computer for much of the afternoon after the drops go into my eyes.
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Back in January, I was obliged to put nearly $3000 on a credit card because Cigna denied payment for a colonoscopy, saying that the physician was not a preferred provider. I thought (and my personal physician confirmed later) that every doctor and medical provider at Palo Alto Medical Center was part of the Cigna network. My doctor said that if the insurance paid the facility fees (which they did), they should have paid the doctor's fees (which they denied at the time). I filed an appeal and even now have not received a response from Cigna. However, I got something better in the mail yesterday: a overpayment refund from PAMF (Sutter Health). Cigna relented and paid the claim. Once I get this check deposited (tomorrow evening when we go to town for shopping, weather permitting), I can pay off my credit card bill. I'm out three months of interest, but at least it's paid for.
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Despite the time change, I woke up relatively early (6 AM), albeit not as early as I'll have to most days I'm down here in the Bay Area. I made a virtue of this and went over to the Mountain View PAMF campus and their laboratory, where, as there was only one person in front of me, I had essentially no wait for my blood draw needed for a routine diabetes check I'll have next week. Then I got some breakfast and headed to the office to get some work done and otherwise stay out of the rain.

Although I feel like I sleep reasonably well in the Rolling Stone, it's still not the same as my own bed at home. I hope I'll be able to get to bed early tonight and get on my Bay Area sleep/work schedule.
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Yesterday afternoon Lisa had an appointment in Reno to see the TMJ jaw specialist to discuss the current state of her tinnitus. At noon yesterday, we drove into Reno. Lisa did the driving so I could deal with Day Jobbe e-mails coming at me during the drive. When we got to the office, we dealt with routine paperwork, I got my computer running to work on issues that came up while we were on the way into town, and Lisa went to talk to the doctor.

Recap: Read Before Commenting About Your Own Tinnitus )

Lisa had a regular dental check-up from her dentist here in Fernley a few weeks ago, and was informed that she had a cracked wisdom teeth (she still has all of her wisdom teeth), and that the recommendation was to remove the tooth entirely. Lisa put off a decision until talking to Dr. Allman, who said, "I can pull it for you."

Lisa asked, "Okay. When do you want to do it?"

"How about right now?" Lisa was agreeable, so Dr. Allman broke out the anesthetic and tools. Lisa kept the tooth as a souvenir.

I had no idea all of that was happening, being head-down on troubleshooting some Excel macro code. When Lisa came out to the waiting room, she told me that Dr. Allman had pulled that cracked wisdom tooth. I was very surprised, but not displeased.

Because of the dental work, our original plan to have lunch and get groceries was scuttled. We stopped by RESCO Restaurant Supply to get parts for the kitchen faucet (a small gasket broke; to our relief, we could actually get the $5 in parts rather than having to buy a whole new valve body assembly), made a short grocery stop to buy a lot of soup (Lisa is restricted to soup and soft food for a few days), then went home. Fortunately, Lisa seems to be recovering well, with no overnight complications, excessive pain, or bleeding.
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I am heading out soon for what should be a routine medical procedure (colonoscopy); however, as a consequence of it, expect me to be offline most of the rest of the day.
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As is my wont when driving from Fernley to the Bay Area, I go by way of I-5 and refuel at Lodi Jct. at the Flying J truck stop. Ideally, I can get there from home using only the rear (20 gal) fuel tank and do not have to switch to the front (15 gal) tank. Today in particular, I made it with about a gallon to spare, mainly because after two months not driving the Rolling Stone, I forgot how to drive it, and after a scary miscue at Sparks, where frankly I was probably within one second of driving head-on into a traffic barrier and was very lucky to be able to correct without over-correcting (the steering stabilizer helped a lot), I spent the rest of the trip over the hill and through the valley taking it more careful than usual, with a lot of 55 mph running. Consequently, the mileage crept over 10 miles per gallon, which is not bad for such a big vehicle with such a huge engine.

Gasoline pricing can get pretty strange. Californians have generally had to be used to the fact that they have more expensive fuel than most places, for various reasons including having a special clean-air blend just for California and carbon taxes on top of ordinary fuel excise taxes. However, something strange is going on right now, at least at Lodi Jct., where the price of fuel continues to be ten cents per gallon less than the price in Fernley, at the same truck stop chains (Loves, Flying J/Pilot). Fernley is typically one of the least-expensive places for fuel on I-80 in Nevada, but Lodi Jct. has them beat. I do not know why.

During my fuel stop at the Flying J, I stopped and had an early dinner at Denny's. I have to go have a fasting blood draw tomorrow morning (my semi-annual diabetes check is this Friday; this is the lab draw for it), so it's nothing but water until I get over to the clinic in Mountain View to let the phlebotomist have at me as early as I can tomorrow morning.
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As I pulled into the hotel parking lot last night, a passerby alerted me that my left front headlight is out. I normally carry a spare, but when we last trimmed down the amount of stuff I carry in the back of the minivan, the box with the spare seems to have made its departure. I'm betting that I can get home by dusk tonight, or at least close, and we can deal with the headlight tomorrow.

I did waste sunlight this morning, however, sleeping in a couple of hours because I was completely worn out from yesterday's Alternator Antics. As I feared, I feel like a limp dishrag. Both arms are like overcooked spaghetti. And speaking of cooking, a full day in the late-summer sunshine wasn't that great, either.

TMI: Black and Blue and Red All Over )

After I get some coffee, I'm getting back on the road, going to Sacramento to visit my sister briefly, then making for home.
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Annoyingly, we had two separate and unrelated medical-related appointments (neither of which could be moved) in Reno/Sparks today, but one was at 8 AM and the other at 3 PM. So we got to make two trips today. I worked extra yesterday at Day Jobbe so the books balanced (and I got things done during the several hours I was home between the two trips and while waiting at the medical office during the second one). On the bright side, by being there so early on a weekday, we could take advantage of the two-for-one breakfast buffet at the Atlantis that we get with my affinity card, and consequently neither of us has felt like eating much of anything else the rest of today.
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Several months after my eyes started twitching and I got a new prescription for glasses, I finally managed to get a new set this week. None of the places in Fernley had frames large enough for me, so I got them from the same place in Fremont where I'd purchased the previous few sets of glasses. Even better, they applied the same discounts as my vision coverage would have done, so thank you, Site For Sore Eyes Fremont.

Old and New )

You could easily be forgiven if you said I was playing a joke and had just taken two photos in a row with the same glasses. I deliberately selected as similar a style for the new glasses as the old ones as I could find. I don't like changing styles, and I like relatively large lenses, even though it means they are special orders that take longer to fill.
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As I mentioned yesterday, I had my annual diabetic eye exam yesterday, which involves having my eyes dilated. While sitting in the waiting room, I mentally kicked myself for not having brought my MP3 player because of course you can't read while your eyes go all unfocused after they put the drops into them.

My exam came out showing nothing amiss, and I managed with my prescription sunglasses to limp back to my office, traveling surface streets and staying off the freeway. There I took refuge in a dark room for a while as my eyes slowly recovered.

Big-Eyed Kevin )

I was back at Palo Alto Medical Center this morning for my half-yearly diabetes medical check-in. Nothing much has changed. What I really need to do is lose weight. The target is ten pounds. I know I could do it because I did do it after my initial diagnosis.

I would have liked to have gone home after the morning medical appointment (having already logged a full week's worth of work by the time I left the office this morning at 8 AM), but there's an SFSFC Board meeting tomorrow in the Bay Area, so I'll be staying over tonight.


Oct. 2nd, 2013 06:08 pm
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After Lisa and I took three largish boxes to the post office (she's sending some of her later father's radio equipment to a fellow ham who is interested in restoring it to working condition and will pay the postage), we went to Walgreen's to get our flu shots. Unfortunately, they only had one shot in stock today, so I had mine and we'll take Lisa over later for hers. Given our travel patterns, I'm at higher risk and so we got mine first.
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After a typically long but thankfully uneventful (except for a long slow stretch of returning skiers below Kingvale) day of driving, I made it back to San Jose around 8:30 PM. I'll be here this week, but am scheduled to work from home in Fernley the following week. I would have scheduled it for this coming week (because of the concert plans this past weekend), but I have a couple of long-scheduled regular medical appointments Monday morning. Alas, the first appointment is at 7 AM in Palo Alto, so I need to try to get to bed soon in order to be up much too early tomorrow morning.


Jul. 25th, 2012 06:11 pm
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While I could probably have dragged myself into work today, I had no in-person meetings scheduled and it seemed tolerable for me to work from home, so I did. I even managed one video-conference meeting, which was just a one-on-one talk with the person in question, but did prove that the technology would indeed work from my home connection, which bodes well for the future.

So a bit after noon I started to make some lunch, part of which included some relatively soft gouda cheese. I've been trying to chew only on the left side of my mouth because of the temporary crowns on the rear lower right two teeth, but a bit of cheese got over to the wrong side. And grabbed hold of my crowns and popped them off.

More Dental TMI )

My dentist's office normally closes at 1 PM on Thursdays. Dr. Ferrer stuck around until after 1 PM and worked on me, and was very good about it. I'm very grateful, because it would have been very difficult to eat without the crowns in place protecting my ground-down teeth. I like my dentist. If you're looking for a good, professional dentist in the Redwood City area, I'd love to refer you to Dr. Anthony Ferrer.
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I took Lisa to the podiatrist this afternoon to deal with the toenail with the severe fungus infection.

Medical TMI; No photos, but links to photos for the morbidly curious )

All in all, the entire toe procedure went much more smoothly than I think either Lisa or I expected. Kudos to Dr. Rush at PAMF for his efficient work and cheerful manner. I think we were there less than an hour before we were on our way. Lisa is thinking she may be good to go driving again as early as Friday, and probably no later than Saturday.
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I had the second stage of my root-canal treatment this morning.

Medical TMI )

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