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Westercon 70 in Tempe next month has confirmed that we'll be doing Match Game SF at Westercon this year. We're currently scheduled for one evening show on the final night of the convention, Monday, July 3. Panelists are still being arranged.

We need your questions! I know a number of you out there have been saying you've been coming up with SF/F/genre-related fill-in-the-blank questions (not trivia questions), but I haven't heard from any of you! You can post questions here if you like, or send them to me by e-mail. My address is kastandlee.
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We are scheduled to do two shows of Match Game SF at Westercon 69 in Portland, Oregon, July 1-4 at the Doubletree Lloyd Center. The two shows are Friday and Sunday nights, both at 9 PM. At the moment, I only see four panelist of the needed six, so if you're going to Westercon and want to be a panelist, you should contact Westercon programming and volunteer.

It's time once again to ask people to send us questions for Match Game SF. As a reminder, MGSF is not a trivia contest, and there is never just one "right" answer. An example of a bad question is:
Albert Einstein said, "God does not play ____ with the universe."

But it contains the seed of a good question:
Albert Einstein said, "God does not play dice with the universe; however, sometimes he does play ____ with it."

See the difference?

Questions should have some connection to SF, Fantasy, fandom, or related subjects like science.

If you have questions to suggest, you can add them as comments here (I'll screen comments on this message), or you can send them to my user handle, which will get to me. We'll credit people during the show.

We also continue to look for sponsors willing to donate prizes in return for promotional consideration. Convention memberships are a good thing. Donate a prize and provide us with a 30-second commercial for our announcer to read between shows. Contact me if you're interested.
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One of the hassles of having the rear door on the Astro jammed (as it has been since last December when something broke inside as I tried to open it in deeply sub-freezing weather in Tonopah) has been grocery shopping, as access via the side door is mildly tricky when the middle seat is installed, as we normally configure the minivan. Last weekend, when we did our large scale grocery shopping, we were mildly lazy and left some of the non-perishable items in the minivan. Yesterday, in the late morning, Lisa came in and suggested that if I could take a short break from Day Jobbe, we could finish unloading the minivan to give her room to work on the rear door. I agreed and walked out to the vehicle with her. I slid the side door open and started to reach inside for the first items.

Lisa said, "Oh, wait, it's probably easier to get things out this way," and walked around to the back of the van and opened the rear door.

Open Sesame! )

The rear doors on the Astro now work properly, and that's a big relief to me, because we need that access in order to haul the Match Game SF kit to Portland for Westercon. Furthermore, it's much easier to use the vehicle when we have rear-door access, particularly on our long road trips like the planned trip to Kansas City for Worldcon this year.

Lisa was very pleased at how she surprised me.
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We did two shows of Match Game SF yesterday, which was logistically challenging for various reasons. Although it was a lot of work for us, and there were some glitches along the way for set up, in both cases the shows themselves ran well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. But it's very wearing. It's a good thing that we don't have much booked today until 1 PM, when we're to be recording the first of the two Fannish Inquistions.
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I'm pleased to announce that it looks like we'll be able to do one show of Match Game SF at this year's Worldcon in Spokane after all.

Behind the Scenes )

I thank those of you who sent messages saying they were disappointed that they wouldn't get to see our show in Spokane. That was a contributing factor toward our seeing if there was any way we could make it work while still living up to our primary commitments to WSFS.
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After a lot of thought between me and Lisa, we've decided that we're going to have to withdraw from doing Match Game SF at Worldcon this year. In an ordinary Worldcon year, even chairing the Business Meeting (and Lisa recording it) would not be a barrier to us also doing one or two shows at Worldcon; however, this is not an ordinary year. We think that the stress on both us us will be such that we simply can't afford the additional hours during the convention. I personally expect to be spending much of my nominally "off" time getting the videos from each day edited and uploaded or simply trying to rest from what is likely to be a very stressful meeting even if it goes smoothly.

I thought it best to call things off now, as Sasquan has been sending out Programming invitations, than to raise false hopes.

On the other hand, I'm told (I haven't seen it myself yet) that Westercon 68 has us down for three shows at this year's Westercon in San Diego. So expect me to put out the usual call for questions and help very soon. In particular, we have neither production assistants nor an announcer for our shows there, and both those jobs are very important for the smooth running of the game.
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Match Game SF is one of Westercon's "opening acts," as our "daytime" show is on Thursday, the first day of the convention, at 6 PM in the hotel Atrium just before the Opening Ceremonies. We have a second "Late Night" show on Saturday night at 10 PM (or after the Masquerade, whichever is later) in the Folsom Room.

The online schedule application Westercon is using is superb. Check it out!

Originally posted by [ profile] bovil at Q Branch has outdone itself...
Originally posted by [ profile] bovil at Q Branch has outdone itself...

...and Westercon 66 has a mobile-friendly online schedule, thanks to our friends at Finncon and the 2015 Helsinki Worldcon bid!

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When I heard that Ken & Jerry Patterson were going to be at this afternoon's final performance of Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show, I impulsively bought a ticket, finding the seat next to them (the only one available on the lower rows at that point). It turned out to be quite a BASFA affair, with a fair number of other members turning up for the show including [ profile] lisa_marli and at least four others who I counted, plus [ profile] kproche and [ profile] bovil who came in near the end. They were there for today's special post-show feature, which was a Q&A session with the cast, and that was fun, too.

Jerry Patterson was one of the contestants in Act 2 (their "Match Game" type show), and boy was she fun! The show hostess, "Louise Carlise" (Breigh Finnerty) had been really playing up dancing with the contestants during the "think" music, including some priceless reactions to Jerry's antics. I wish we could have recorded it! (Of course, recording during the show is prohibited.)

I was happy to once again chat with many members of the cast after the show. Ric Iverson, who played "Tripp" MacMurray [Kevin waves to Ric, who has been reading this LJ] joked that after seeing so many performances, I was probably ready to understudy him. (I said it was much easier to simply host an actual game show!)

I tried to get the autographs of everyone involved with show, missing only Shannon Guggenheim, who had left. Breigh Finnerty was on the way out when I called out, "I want to get the autograph of the Best Supporting Actress!"

"That would be me," she said, turning.

"That would be you," I agreed with a big smile, presenting my playbill for her autograph. I hope she's able to come back for the September re-release of the play, although as she's a junior high school teacher in her Day Jobbe, this might be challenging.

Ken, Jerry, and I (with permission from the management) went back into the theatre to get a few on-stage shots. I sort of wish I'd worn my business suit, or at least the suit jacket, because these could have been good photos as set pieces for promoting Match Game SF.

Live on stage! )

More photos are in the Flikr Set.

I find myself wanting the cast recording of this show. I'm such a fanboy sometimes.


Sep. 22nd, 2011 01:42 pm
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When I arrived at the office today, I had two packages: An ICOM IC-2SA radio I purchased on eBay for Lisa (the one she'd been using as a white-noise source broke last week, which is Very Bad), and a box from the John Mansfield containing the innards of one of the home versions of Match Game. The home game isn't very much like the television game, but then again, it was probably a little difficult to get enough people together to play a version equivalent to the television show.
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Besides the massive time investment from Lisa Hayes and show producer [ profile] yourbob (not to mention [ profile] travelswithkuma), I'd like to thank returning production assistant Brad Ackerman and first-time show announcer [ profile] daveon for their work on a our Late Late Show version of Match Game SF last night at Renovation.

I would have liked to have played more than three games, but we started very late, and unfortunately the contestants and panelists were on different pages, so game 2 ended in a scoreless tine and had to go to Double Secret Sudden Death Overtime to get a winner, so when game 3 ended in a tie, we skipped the first tie-breaker and went straight to Sudden Death in order to resolve it so people would have a chance to get down to the Atlantis and hit the late parties.

The last game, by sheer chance, was a mother-daughter pair, where the daughter was only nine years old, but who won the hearts and minds of everyone in the room with her cleverness. She actually got a Lovely Parting Gift before she was called as a panelist because of a clever exchange we had with her earlier in the show prompted me to give her one. I said that in two years when we're in Sacramento, I think I want young Tia as a panelist for the afternoon version of the show, because she's bright and funny.
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Because the Hugos ran longer than expected, and because it was so difficult for the flood of people to get out of the Tuscany Ballroom across the Sorrento Room where our show was, we started very late and even playing only 3 games managed to run past 12:30 AM.

Kudos to Lisa and especially to [ profile] yourbob for incredible service well above the call of duty, skipping the Hugo Ceremony to help Lisa make the show possible.

I'd write more, but after packing the show out of the Sorrento Room back into my van, and driving us back to the hotel, we're beat. Fortunately there was still a little bit of food in the room, because we're worn out. I'm so glad I have no appointments tomorrow morning, particularly no 9 AM Business Meeting Setup.
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Sharon Sbarsky told me yesterday afternoon that the Events Tech team down at the Peppermill want me to come down on Saturday and make sure that I can raise the internet there for the CoverItLive coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony. That's good, and I want to do it, but when Sharon said they wanted me there sometime between 9 AM and Noon, I said, "Nope. Business Meeting. Mark Protection Committee Meeting." She knows that, and told them so. I'll come over there when I can, but Saturday will be really busy.

Keeping Busy This Weekend )
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Renovation has published a list of what happens where at Worldcon, which includes our room assignment for Match Game SF. We'll be in the Peppermill, Sorrento 2 - 4, with a scheduled start time of 10 PM on Saturday night, but that scheduled time is "after the Hugo Awards," and may be subject to delay depending on how long the Hugo ceremony runs and how long it takes me to wind up the live coverage of the Hugo Awards and post the results the Hugo Awards web site.
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For a change, we can actually officially announce before Worldcon actually starts our plans for live coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony. This is of course subject to the promised technology working: in particular, we need to be able to get a wi-fi signal in the Tuscany Ballroom or else if the convention has managed to get a wired internet connection, to be able to connect to it.

Even though I'll have Mur Lafferty helping me and at least one "studio host" working off site to moderate comments, I expect to be extremely busy during the ceremony, because I'll also be the person sending tweets to @TheHugoAwards. And I'll have to get the official results online right after the ceremony. And I have to be at Match Game SF right after the ceremony as well. If we start Match Game a little late this year, I hope y'all will understand.

Meanwhile, remember that if you're Tweeting about The Hugo Awards to use the #hugos hashtag (or #hugoaward but that takes more characters) -- if you leave off the final "s" your post will be swamped with posts about the President of Venezuela or a German fashion and lifestyle house.
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By Sunday night, I'd sort of gotten the feeling that I've been living in Club Regent, after Saturday's Match Game SF and the over-three-hour marathon Business Meeting on Sunday morning and the 8 PM Girl Genius Radio Theatre. After GGRT, our crew efficiently turned the stage from radio play to game show set with time to spare, and at 10 PM we set forth on another show. The contestants seemed to like it so much that they didn't want to leave, with the fourth and final game doing into extended-play not-so-sudden death before we finally wrapped things up after midnight.

Having been "on" for more than eight hours today (not counting time spent helping move equipment and set up/tear down stuff), I am utterly knackered and am not getting up early on Monday. Fortunately, I have no morning commitments and no specific tasks until nearly 2:30 PM.

My thanks as ever to the crew of people who helped Lisa and me make it happen: Bob Hole, our Producer, along with Eric Larson, announcer, and production assistants Brad Ackerman and Fred Moulton. All of you made it so much easier to look good.

After we got the show packed out and into the room after 1 AM, Lisa and I made a brief trip through the parties, where people continued to heap praise upon me for my Business Meeting turn today. Now I hear there are calls for my canonization, but I agree that it's too soon for that because I'm Not Dead Yet. But maybe I will be dead to the world in a few minutes.
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In order to fit better with other events including Westercon's Guests of Honor, the Saturday Match Game SF has been moved to 2:30 PM, not the initially-announced 4 PM. The program slot is 90 minutes, so we'll probably run between 60 and 75 minutes in order to give us enough time to do move-out. We'll certainly need help with the setup from 2 PM and for move out starting right after the show ends on Saturday.

Sunday's Late Night show is still set for 10 PM after Girl Genius Radio Theatre, and has no firm end time on account of there's nothing after us, but will probably run 90 minutes or so not including tear-down.
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It looks like we have the panelists penciled in for two shows of Match Game SF at Westercon. Both will be in Club Regent (ground floor of Fairmont; it's the only function that won't be on the first floor). The "daytime" show will be Saturday afternoon at 4 PM 2:30 PM. The "Late Night" adults-only show will be Sunday night at 10 PM. Both shows are scheduled for approximately two hours 90 minutes, but the exact run time will depend on how long the games stretch. We've sometimes done as many as six games in that time, but sometimes as few as three if we have to go to multiple sudden death rounds. Also, even with re-using material from previous shows, we're really stretching to fill up to twelve games worth of material, so if you have suggestions for new questions, send them to me!

Lisa and I spend part of this evening working on adjusting the SFX to try and get the "buzz" and "bell" effects to be approximately the same volume. The buzzer has heretofore been much louder than the bell, and it's been difficult for Lisa, running the sound board, to keep things balanced.

[ profile] gridlore and [ profile] kshandra, I'm sorry that I can't directly use you as panelists, mainly because Programming says that I can have both of the Foglios for the daytime show. However, if you're willing, I'd like to have you available as standby panelists in case anyone on the panel has to be a late scratch. We've had a number of standbys and scratches in the past, and it's always good to be prepared. Heck, on the original show, there was an episode where Johnny Olson had to take seat 3 because Charles Nelson Reilly forgot about Daylight Savings Time and didn't show up in time for taping.

Update, Sunday 1700: I had the running time wrong originally. Also, the start time on Saturday may change.

Update, Sunday 1800: We moved from a 4 PM to a 2:30 PM start in order to better balance out events including the Guests of Honor. (The Foglios are scheduled to be part of a 5 PM event as well, and we were trying to avoid back-to-backing them.)
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It looks like plans for Match Game SF at Westercon are starting to come together. We've been holding fire on announcing anything until we knew whether we'd have the room we wanted to use for the days/nights we'd like to do shows, that being the Club Regent room on the ground floor of the Fairmont. (This is a great space: a former caberet, it has a split level stage great for staging the show.)

We appear to be tentatively booked in to do Match Game Late Night on Sunday night after the performance of Girl Genius Radio Theatre. (Probably 9:30, but possibly a bit later.) What I'm not certain of right now is whether we'll do a Saturday or Sunday afternoon show as well. Personally, I'd like to do a show on Saturday mid-afternoon, but a lot of that depends on whether Programming can let us have the space then as well. Since we're expecting to use the same tech kit for the radio play as for Match Game, there's some reason to do an afternoon show on Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday, but I'm not too thrilled about booking myself continuously for close to six hours.

In addition, we also need to know if our regular panelists are available and when. I'd like to ask the Foglios to be on the daytime show, but not the nighttime one as they'll have just done GGRT and probably will want to bug out when it's over. So, who is available?

Also, I always need new questions (email to my LJ handle if you don't have my e-mail), and we could use some new sponsorship donations as the supply is starting to run a little dry.
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There's another ECM-51a microphone up for sale on eBay. It's in excellent condition, works, and comes with all of the accessories and the carrying case. However, it's got a reserve on it, and the bid on it is already more than I could afford to buy another one.
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We were lucky that the main ballroom was actually open around 8 AM (we were promised 9). Right after breakfast, we moved all of the Match Game SF gear into the ballroom and began setting up.

Then Drama Happened )

But we came through all right )

Saying I'd do 3 panels in a row was perhaps a bad idea )

Menlo Calling )

After returning from dinner, we made a very brief ceremonial appearance at the Dead Dog Party, but mainly I just waved, said, "Hello. Goodbye. I'm going to go be ded now." Then we limped back up to the room where I got ready for bed and after recovering some energy, wrote the above LJ entry.

There's so much more I'd like to write and more people I'd like to mention with whom I talked, not just about Match Game, but I'm wrung out. Although my flight tomorrow isn't until 2:30 (and thus I don't plan to leave the hotel until around Noon or so), so we have no pressure on check-out, we do need to be in the restaurant by 9:30 or thereabouts to use our included breakfast coupons.

I'd say I had a good time at OryCon, although there was drama and stress at times. We're also happy that Renovation chair Patty Wells got to see what our show looks like in light of our hope that we'll be invited to do it at Worldcon this year.

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