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I did attend Star Wars Day at the San Jose Giants (California league A level affiliate of the San Francisco Giants) on Saturday, where Ken Patterson had organized a BASFA day at the ballpark.

A Day In the Sun With Fans )

Click through any of the photos to see more of them.

Alas, while the Force may have been with us, it wasn't with the Giants, who fell to the Modesto Nuts, 14-4. Still, we had a great time, and I hope to make another visit with the club maybe next season. We had lots of room to spread out and relax in the VIP box, and the cost was less than it would have been for upper deck seats and food at Emperor Norton Field at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Not that I'll turn down a reasonable chance to go see the Big Giants play, but minor league baseball has considerable attractions. Which reminds me that Lisa and I need to find a chance to go watch the Reno Aces play this season, too.
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In a few minutes, I'm heading off to San José to attend tonight's San Jose Giants game with other members of BASFA during the Giants' "Star Wars Night." While costumes are encouraged, I have nothing appropriate, so it's just going to be my usual orange-and-black Giants gear. It looks to be a fun.

Tomorrow I head for home, but something has come up that means I have to make a detour up to Yuba City as well, so it's likely to be a very long day for me. I sort of hope that I wake up early and get a fast start. Don't know if I'll be online much more between now and getting home, and by the time I get home, I may well just want to fall into bed because I still start work at 6 AM on Monday.
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Pitchers and catchers are reporting to Giants Spring Training camp in Arizona. Soon we will have baseball again!

On the other hand, there have now been fresh mudslides along I-80 in the Sierra Nevada. I'm glad the hill waited until today to fail rather than falling down on me as I was driving through Baxter yesterday.

On the gripping hand, the water level is down in Lake Oroville, water is no longer flowing through the damaged emergency spillway. The immediate crisis is past without a catastrophic failure of the emergency spillway that would have sent a "30 foot high wall of water" down the Feather River, but they still need to release a lot of water to make room for what's coming very soon. Authorities aren't saying when they think it will be safe for people in the evacuated areas to return to their homes.

My nephew is in Sutter (which is high ground and relatively safe). Many of my relatives are in the Yuba-Sutter area. I have heard nothing from any of them. My father and stepmother live in the hills above Lake Oroville and I expect are okay. My mother lives in the Yuba County foothills far from the floodplain. In that area, the problem is more of people panicking over news stories that imply that Oroville Dam collapsed, which it did not.
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When Lisa and I left the Sparks Nugget after dinner heading to Raley's to go shopping, the Giants had a comfortable 5-2 lead going to the top of the ninth inning and we were feeling pretty good about San Francisco going back to Chicago for a decisive game 5. By the time we got to Raley's, the Giants had blown that lead, and by the time we checked out, their season was over as they lost to the Cubs 6-5, losing the National League Division Series 3 games to 1.

The Cubs now advance, and I hope that they go on to win the World Series now and break their curse. [ profile] travelswithkuma says "Go Cubs!"

Giants Win!

Oct. 5th, 2016 08:30 pm
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The San Francisco Giants made something of a hash of the second half of the regular season, but managed to squeak into the post-season, barely making it to the one-game wild card playoff with the New York Mets. Both teams trotted out their ace pitchers, and the game was a real pitchers' duel. Then in the top of the ninth inning, Conor Gillaspie (who he?) hit a 3-run home run to break the game open. Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner held the Mets scoreless in the bottom of the ninth for a complete-game shutout and their ticket to the main playoffs. After the celebrate tonight (probably not that hard), they go on to Chicago where they face the Cubs in the National League Division Series.

It's an even-numbered year. You gotta believe!


Oct. 2nd, 2016 04:29 pm
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The cold I have picked up is fairly mild — I'm ambulatory — but I'm not working very hard, and have mostly stayed home and tried not to work too hard. I did feel good enough this morning to go have breakfast at the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino and try once again to win a free breakfast (no winner for the third time in a row on what amounts to a coin-flip), but otherwise it was a quiet day. I listened to the San Francisco Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in order to get into the post-season (a one-game playoff against the New York Mets), and worked with [ profile] lindadee to start getting the WSFS documents as of the end of the 2016 Worldcon online. That's about as ambitious as I want to be.

This coming week, I'm working from home. I'm glad I won't be contaminating my co-workers.
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This week has been very hot, with daytime highs up to 40°C in Fernley and no air conditioning except the swamp cooler. It's been livable, but only just. Yesterday, I suggested to Lisa that we go into Reno after work and take in a Reno Aces baseball game, because they were hosting the Sacramento RiverCats, The San Francisco Giants' AAA affiliate. She agreed, and off we went. It was so hot that the AC in the minivan could only barely keep up even when on max cool. (I wish I had time to take it to an AC specialist and make sure it is fully charged.)

As is our usual practice, we parked in the Circus Circus garage and walked to the ball park. As we did so, we could see some heavy cloud rolling in. This cooled things somewhat, but also raised the prospect of being rained out again, like our last Aces game. We got two upper infield seats, and they were a good view, looking down from over the first base side. The clouds moved off, which wasn't as good as we might have liked because we were in direct sunlight, but only for 30 minutes or so as the sun sank behind the casinos of downtown Reno.

Great Night for a Ball Game, Unless you're a RiverCat Supporter )

Lisa and I were not the only people turned out in our Giants gear. It doesn't match the RiverCats' kit, which is red and black, but you got the idea.

Alas for us Giants fans-by-proxy, the RiverCats were unable to mount a big comeback, and the final was 5-1 Aces. Still, we got very lucky with the weather, and it was much cooler than it was back at home in Fernley. The burgers were good, too. And with only about 9,000 seats in the stadium, you can get a great seat for the price of a nosebleed special at the big league parks.
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Having checked to confirm that there were plenty of seats still available, we went back into Reno on Saturday afternoon for the double-header between the Reno Aces and the visiting Albuquerque Isotopes (AAA Minor League Baseball) forced by Friday's game being rained out. We exchanged our tickets from the postponed game for comparable seats down the third base line in the shallow outfield, only four rows back from the field.

Keep Your Head in the Game or You Might Lose It )

One advantage of the early start for Game 1 for Lisa and me (and [ profile] travelswithkuma) personally was that we had plenty of room to spread out for most of Game 1. Albuquerque took the first game 2-1. Reno had the tying run on base with one out in the bottom of the seventh (minor league baseball double-headers are shortened from nine to seven innings) but bounced into a game-ending double-play.

Near end of the first game, the seats around us began to fill up. In fact, it got crowded enough that we moved over to the next section and up ten rows, where the view might not have been quite as good, but we had plenty of space around us.

On to the Nightcap )

The second game was a back-and-forth affair, but Albuquerque exploded for 4 runs in the sixth inning to break it open and Reno was unable to respond, dropping the nightcap 8-4. Insamuch as Lisa is a New Mexico girl, she had been cheering for the Isotopes and we went home happy.

We did enjoy the games, and got a good deal for the price, what with getting two seven-inning games for the price of one. As it happens, had we gone to today's game, we would have almost as much baseball, as it was a twelve-inning game decided by a single run scored by Reno in the bottom of the 12th to win 1-0.

I hope we'll get a chance to go see some more games, because they are good value for money and it's a comfortable place to watch a baseball game.

Rained Out

Apr. 29th, 2016 10:33 pm
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Lisa and I got the idea to go see the Reno Aces (our local AAA Minor League Baseball club) game on Friday night. They would be playing the Albuquerque Isotopes. (This team, incidentally, is not a descendant of the former Albuquerque Dukes — that team later moved to Portland (the Beavers) before moving again and is now known as the El Paso Chihuahuas.) So we headed into Reno and went to the game. We got front-row seats, albeit down the left field line. As it happens, we never sat in the seats.

Splish, Splash )

Along the way I saw the score of the SF Giants game in New York. Ouch. 13-1 Mets win. Sort of glad I wasn't listening to that one.
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The early part of the San Francisco Giants home opener against the hated LA Dodgers didn't look that good, as the Dodgers came in having swept their own initial three-game series and not having yet allowed a run. The Dodgers were setting their eyes on an all-time record for consecutive innings at the start of a season without having given up a run. Fittingly for a rivalry game, the Giants broke that up, and then went on a tear, hitting the ball all over the place, including a grand slam by Hunter Pence, and going on to defeat the Dodgers 12-6. And that in the notoriously pitcher-friendly AT&T Park Emperor Norton Field.

That's a nice way to start the home season.
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Well, it's an odd-numbered year, so we shouldn't have expected the SF Giants to have repeated their performance from last year. It would have taken a miracle to pull off the run of elimination games to somehow catch up to the LA Dodgers, and in this case the Dodgers were able to clinch the division at San Francisco, doing so for the first time since the Giants moved to Emperor Norton Field (currently known as AT&T Park). Wait till next year. Maybe the Giants' injuries will have healed.
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Having logged more than 40 hours of work at Day Jobbe by late Thursday night, I was in a position to leave early Friday, at least after I dealt with a few last-minute brush fires supporting one of our European offices at the end of their day. (Which was something of an advantage, coming in at 6 AM Pacific Time.) So I got out of town at 10:30 AM and set off for home via Altamont Pass.

Don't Take Me Out to the Ball Game )

Despite the time I spent working on the road at Lodi Junction and with Kelli in Sacramento, I still got out of the Sacramento area before the worst of the Friday afternoon traffic formed, and it was a relatively routine drive home. Of course the days are much longer now, but I surprised Lisa by getting home before sunset.
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It was a nail-biter, right down to the winning run for Kansas City coming to the plate when a misplayed ball with two out in the bottom of the ninth put the tying run on third, but THEY DID IT! The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in five years. Pitcher Madison Bumgarner came into the game in relief having pitched two days ago and was credited with the win save, which means he was the winning pitcher instrumental in winning in three of the four games the Giants needed to win the title. He definitely deserved the Most Valuable Player award presented to him after the Giants collected the World Series trophy.

I know the Giants aren't necessarily the most popular winners, and that the Kansas City Royals were the sentimental favorite. But as someone who suffered through many years of awful Giants teams in a terrible ballpark (I was a night-game season-ticket holder during the Bad Old Days at Candlestick Park), it's so nice having a multi-award winner. I'm just trying to enjoy it, because I know it's unlikely to last. And congratulations to the Royals for winning the American League and taking the Giants the distance.

(Now I just hope the other members of the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting team will still work with me after my team won.)

[Update: Although Bumgarner was initially credited with the win, the official scorer later changed the win to Jeremy Affeldt, who was the pitcher of record when the Giants scored the eventual winning run. Bumgarner got the save. (By two different routes: entering the game with the one-run lead and then winning, and also by entering the game with any lead and pitching at least three innings, the latter being the relatively rare so-called "rulebook save."]
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Because we have an older-style electrical circuit box, it's difficult to obtain circuit breakers locally and we had to buy one through an electrical parts salvage operation on eBay. It arrived on Saturday, and Lisa decided the best way to not lose it was to install it. We powered down the main breaker again (this time for just a few minutes) and Lisa snapped the breaker onto the main bus.

No more room on the bus )

I got away for the Bay Area before 8 AM this morning and made excellent time, which meant I was able to get to my office, where there is a television set in the break room. So I'll get to see at least one World Series game instead of only listening on the radio. Not that there's anything wrong with the KNBR radio coverage. I'd listen to it in preference to the television commentators from Fox, but I don't want to go to the effort of installing the software necessary to delay the radio coverage to match the TV coverage.

To and Fro

Oct. 25th, 2014 07:35 pm
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This afternoon we went and had lunch at the local Black Bear Diner, then refueled the Rolling Stone so I don't have to deal with it in the morning. Later, we took the Big Orange Van over to Lowe's to return the wire lubricant that we never used and to buy a sheet of plywood that Lisa intends to use as a backboard behind my upstairs office desk (which otherwise would have things fall off a balcony and down a stairwell if they slipped off the back of the desk). We ended up making another visit to the truck stop as the Big Orange Van needed fuel, too. The back-and-forth to Lowe's took much longer than we expected, and thus the Giants' World Series game was already in the fifth inning by the time I got home.

It's very windy today, with gusts of up to 70 km/h. I hope these winds aren't in play tomorrow as I coax the RV over Donner Summit. Fortunately, the earlier forecast of snow over Donner has gone away, but it probably won't be the most enjoyable trip I've made over the pass tomorrow.

Happy Day

Oct. 17th, 2014 07:02 am
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It was a nail-biter of a baseball game last night in San Francisco. In a playoff that has seen a good share of unlikely events, we got another one last night as journeyman Travis Ishikawa ended the game and clinched the National League championship for the San Francisco Giants with a walk-off three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth. There was great excitement here at Fernley House as I jumped out of my chair and started dancing around as Jon Miller called the pennant-winning home run on KNBR via

As someone who stuck with the Giants through the Bad Old Days at Candlestick Park, shivering through a night-games season-ticket plan, it's astonishing to see a team that doesn't really have any superstar players now head to its third World Series in five years.

So now the Giants travel to Kansas City to face the Royals. Oddly for baseball, none of the teams that won their division titles made the World Series; both the Giants and Royals made it into the playoffs as wild cards.

Condolences to the Cardinals' fans. The whole National League Championship Series was close-run and could easily have gone the other way.
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Bad news: I'm making some critical coding changes that must be done before the rest of the team come to work tomorrow morning, and the test runs are lengthy.

Good news: There's a television set in the break room and I can watch the Giants-Nationals baseball playoff game while waiting for the test runs to finish.
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We went to Reno this morning with our hearts set on brunch at the Atlantis. This was made easier by the affinity club kicking out another two-for-one breakfast/lunch coupon. Although we were technically too late for breakfast, we were in the transition between breakfast and lunch and therefore able to get our eggs, bacon, and other breakfast stuff besides the beginning of lunch.

As usual, I marked a keno ticket. Alas, I didn't check the ticket the runner brought back to me that closely. Had I got the ticket I wanted, I would have won a few dollars, but because he couldn't read my handwriting, I got something different that won $1 on a $10 ticket. My fault; the rules clearly state that you need to check the ticket, and the runner even warned me that he'd had trouble with my ticket. I'll check more closely next time.

Reno Routine )

As we drove home around 3 PM, we had the San Francisco Giants-Washington Nationals baseball playoff game on the radio. As I compose this message around 8:45 PM, the game is still going. Yeow!
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Okay, it's only one game, but it was an elimination game: the one-game wild-card baseball playoff (sometimes called a "play-in") game between the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Winner goes into the main playoffs; loser is done. The game was in Pittsburgh because the Pirates (who ended the season with the same 88-74 record as the Giants) had won the regular season series between the two teams 4-2. The Giants dominated the game, including a grand slam from Brandon Crawford and a shutout pitched by Madison Bumgarner, and won 8-0. They now move on to the National League Division Series best-of-five versus the Washington Nationals.

Alas, the prospect for another Bay Bridge Series ended last night when the Oakland A's lost a heart-breaker in the American League Wild-Card game to Kansas City, 9-8 in 12 innings. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. One game does not a championship make, and the Giants do not have an easy road to the World Series.
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So as I mentioned at the time, Friday was just a mess of things that needed doing, and there was no time for writing. However, I do want to remember how it went, so here's the rundown.

Just Another Frantic Friday )

Photos from the Ball Game )

I think I got to sleep about 2 AM. Fortunately, I had no commitments on Saturday. I'm glad the BASFA outing was to that Friday game, not the Saturday evening one, where the Dodgers roared back and annihilated the Giants 17-0.

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