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I tried to take it easy on Saturday, sleeping in (relatively speaking) and not rushing around. After lunch, I went over to Shoreline Park in Mountain View and walked about 5 km of their interpretive trails. Alas, it wasn't enough walking (or rather, I had too much lunch), as my blood sugar was up around 250 even with all of that walking. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the walk along the shoreline, and I will probably go do it again sometime.
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As I mentioned yesterday, I had my annual diabetic eye exam yesterday, which involves having my eyes dilated. While sitting in the waiting room, I mentally kicked myself for not having brought my MP3 player because of course you can't read while your eyes go all unfocused after they put the drops into them.

My exam came out showing nothing amiss, and I managed with my prescription sunglasses to limp back to my office, traveling surface streets and staying off the freeway. There I took refuge in a dark room for a while as my eyes slowly recovered.

Big-Eyed Kevin )

I was back at Palo Alto Medical Center this morning for my half-yearly diabetes medical check-in. Nothing much has changed. What I really need to do is lose weight. The target is ten pounds. I know I could do it because I did do it after my initial diagnosis.

I would have liked to have gone home after the morning medical appointment (having already logged a full week's worth of work by the time I left the office this morning at 8 AM), but there's an SFSFC Board meeting tomorrow in the Bay Area, so I'll be staying over tonight.
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Lisa's package to me of things I'd left behind, most importantly my diabetes and high blood pressure medications, arrived today. So I only missed a few doses. Blood sugar levels were up, as I expected. Yes, I only need it for three more days, but I figured it would be better to have those meds with me as often as possible since I'm normally supposed to take them daily (or 3x/day in the case of the diabetes medication).

(The quote in the subject line is from the pinball machine Medieval Madness.)


Nov. 17th, 2014 06:50 am
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I was so preoccupied with the cold and its potential effect on the Rolling Stone that I forgot to put some important things in the RV before I left.

I need to make a travel checklist )

Just as Lisa and I have been creating a written checklist for securing Fernley House before we go on a trip (with cold-weather variations), I'm going to need to make a written checklist for travel in the RV to make sure everything I have to have is with me including critical things like my medication.
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I have the Giants-Nationals playoff game on while I work on something relatively routine but time-consuming that needs doing today, which is helpful.

This morning was my semi-annual diabetes medical check. My lab results are not great: for the first time, my A1c level was at 7.0%, the highest ever. I've been a relatively well-controlled diabetic, but the weight is still too high, and catching up with me.

On the bright side, I somehow managed to lose ten pounds during the UK trip, and my belt needs tightening. If I could drop 10% of my body weight, from my current 303 pounds (137 kg) to about 270 (122 kg), I have a good chance of being able to arrest some of the deterioration. And some of my costumes, particularly my WSFS Captain's uniform, would fit a whole lot better.

In the meantime, we'll try expanding my use of Metaformin to 3x/day instead of 2x/day, before each major meal instead of just breakfast and dinner, and see if we can help my body deal with the carbs better.


Apr. 30th, 2014 05:23 pm
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I was up at 5 AM to work on Day Jobbe stuff so I could turn things in before most of my co-workers were at their desks this morning on account of having to take Lisa to the TMJ specialist in Reno for a too-early-for-Lisa appointment. They spent several hours working on the treatment plan and taking molds for permanent appliances that should slowly push her jaw back to where it belongs, which should un-pinch the nerve that appears to be causing her tinnitus. This is not cheap work. We made the initial four-figure payment on the Phase I treatment plan. Some of it might be covered by insurance eventually, but we have to pay up front. On the bright side, the frequent-flyer miles on my United card should put me over the top for a free ticket for the UK for Worldcon, assuming there are any seats left by the time the points hit my account, which may not be until the end of May.

The work with the TMJ doctor went rather long; so long that I ended up missing a meeting for Day Jobbe, but it seems to be okay. When we got free from the doctor, we went to the Atlantis, where I had a 2-for-1 breakfast-or-lunch buffet coupon for which today was the last day. Lunch is much cheaper than dinner, even without the coupon, and I found myself eating about the same things I get when we come for dinner. (Dealing with cracking crab and lobster, which is on the dinner buffet sometimes, is more work than I enjoy.) Even better: on the way out, I thought to ask, and the bottle of hand sanitizer (that I bought in Brighton at WFC last year; I'd been refilling it from the home supply as needed) that I'd left behind last week when we ate there was in the drawer under the greeter's desk. I'm glad to have that back, for minor sentimental reasons.

More good news: After lunch, we checked with the auto-air shop, and the vehicle had been repaired and was ready. That was very welcome news because it meant we could go collect it (the shop is at the same exit from US-395/I-580 you take to get to the Atlantis/Convention Center complex) today instead of having to make yet another trip to Reno tomorrow. We convoyed back home (the AC works just fine now), I got back on the computer, and Lisa went to lie down for a while.

The only bad news today: too many carbs from the buffet. My blood sugar shot up over 200 and proceeded to go up for the next several hours, even after a dose of Metaformin and walking to the post office and back. As I write this, a bit more than four hours after eating, it has finally come back down below where it was an hour after eating (now 223 mg/dl). More walking required. I would rather lie down and rest, but until it has come back below 180 on the way back toward normal, I have to exercise to get it moving in the right direction.
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As expected, I ran out of diabetes test strips yesterday, and that was even with stretching the supply by testing less often. (The numbers I was getting when I did test were Not Good.) Now, I find that I'm about to run out of metaformin (medication for treating the diabetes) a couple of days before I get home. I must have miscounted badly, because my usual way of handling travel like this is to count the number of doses and give myself at least an extra week beyond that.

I expect to be home Sunday.


Oct. 21st, 2013 06:39 pm
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A D'Oh moment: This morning I realized that while I'd remembered to pack extra diabetes testing lancets (I forgot them on the last trip from home), I forgot to pack another container of 50 of the test strips themselves, so I have only 19 test strips left. I'll slow down to one test per day (I normally test twice) to stretch the supply, but I'll run out before I get home again. The strips are too expensive ($1 each in the US; I haven't checked the price here) to buy over the counter, in my opinion, as I'm not insulin-dependent, and therefore the testing is more a way to monitor ongoing treatment progress.
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[Posted late because I absentmindedly shut down my computer on Wednesday before posting.]

After Lisa's osteopathic appointment on Tuesday, we made our way back to Mountain View. We stopped at the shopping center in Grant Road to pick up some bottled water for Lisa and happened to go into the 99 Ranch Asian market. Lisa needed the walk around anyway, so we made a circuit of the store, although all we actually ended up buying was the water. [ profile] travelswithkuma was very excited by the live-fish tank. We had to tell him we couldn't buy him fish so fresh it was still wiggling. After that, we walked over to Sweet Tomatoes and had dinner. Bear had to be content with berries — blueberries, in this case.

Full Bear )

The blueberry muffins might be good for Bear, but they were really bad for my blood sugar, which shot up into the 230s, and even after I went out and walked a couple of km, the readings came down but slowly. Three hours after eating, I was still in the 180s. I like a lot of what they serve at Sweet Tomatoes, but I'm going to have to restrain myself from eating all I can eat.
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Got my lab results back from my most recent medical exam. The important figure for diabetes is the A1c, which ideally should be between 4.8 and 5.6%. My previous number had been at 6.0, the second-highest ever. (I was a fair bit higher when first diagnosed, but brought it back down into the non-diabetic range through diet and exercise.) The current figure is 5.9, which while still out of norm is an improvement, and my doctor isn't displeased. He repeats, and I agree with him, that I need to lose the weight, and that someday my pancreas will decide it's had enough and things might go as pear-shaped as I am right now.
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I went out for my usual post-lunch walk around Campus Drive this afternoon (with a bittersweet air to it because it's my last time doing the 3km lap around Campus on account of the new assignment next year). Shortly after getting back to my desk, I started feeling odd. Shaky. Slightly disoriented. I took a blood sugar reading. 52!

Yeow! Normal readings are 70-120, with 100 being ideal. Above 140 is high. Below 70 is low. Below 60 is edging into danger. I was having a blood sugar crash. That's the lowest blood sugar reading I've ever clocked.

Fortunately, I'm usually prepared for these sort of things. To some extent, it's a cause for minor celebration, because it meant I could have orange juice (I normally avoid it because it spikes blood sugar high), and I ate one of the food bars I keep in my computer bag for times like this. After maybe twenty minutes or so, I started feeling more or less normal again.

Thank goodness I recognized the symptoms before they got worse. It probably wouldn't have been really dangerous (as a Type II diabetic, I have to worry about highs more than lows), but it was still unpleasant.
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I had my annual diabetic eye exam today. This is not an exam for glasses, but screening for the various bad things like diabetic retinopathy to which diabetics are susceptible. This exam was originally supposed to be July 11, the day after I was supposed to be back from Lisa and my inspection trip to Fernley to look at houses. But then my van broke down on the way to Fernley and I cancelled two appointments for July 11 preemptively on account of not expecting the mechanics to be able to fix the van in time for me to be back in time for those appointments. (As it happens, they did get the van fixed and I could have still made those appointments, but I did the prudent thing.) I wasn't able to get another opening for that routine eye exam until today!

Anyway, my eyes are fine (although I probably will need new glasses early next year), with no signs of any deterioration associated with diabetes (or anything else, for that matter). I just have to remember to make another appointment about six months in advance, due to the massive backlog on their time.
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While driving back to Fremont this evening, I stopped at a couple of stores that have carried Glucerna cereal in the past, but couldn't find it on the shelves. During my trips back and forth to Oregon, I'd been buying it from Fred Meyer stores, where I kept getting discount coupons, but this past week I started on the last box in my supply, and of course I'm not going to be driving to Oregon very often now. When I got back to the apartment, I checked online, and while I couldn't find any explicit statement on the web site, it appears that Abbot Laboratories has discontinued the cereal. That's too bad. Glucerna was a little pricey, but I found that it really did have a good effect on my morning blood sugar levels. Now I'm going to have to start experimenting again to find something I can eat for breakfast that won't send my blood sugar (which is generally above normal in the morning anyway) skyrocketing.
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We got away from the hotel in Sacramento without incident, and after stopping to refuel Lisa's pickup and to buy a few last-minute items from Raley's grocery store, we headed north on CA-99. As we neared Tudor, the town where I lived for six years growing up, I saw signs for the "Tudor Bypass.

Roads to the Family Gathering )

This was a small gathering: just Lisa and me with my mother and grandfather. Mom did however do an excellent traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and we dug in with vigor to the turkey, dressing, potatoes, etc., topped off with a slice of pumpkin pie. I restrained myself from seconds on anything, despite wanting more.

Then you decide to take a walk by the old school... )

In an effort to maximize stays instead of points from Priority Club, I stayed in one IC Hotel last night and a different one tonight. Tonight's Holiday Inn Express is one of the shrinking number of non-refurbished HIXs, and the front desk clerk confided that it was about to stop being an Express, although she didn't know what the new hotel would be. I reckon that "refresh" when the brand changes from the old blue-and-gold signage to the new green-and-white signage is probably pretty expensive, and thus too much for some franchisees. Tomorrow morning we'll head down to San Jose and SorcerorCon.

Home Again

Oct. 24th, 2010 09:14 pm
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I could have gotten up early and been on the road by 7 AM this morning, but instead, I "slept in" until just after 7 and took my time about getting moving. I got my money's worth out of the suite (upgrade-fu strikes again; I'm going to be sorry when my Platinum status wears off, probably at the end of next year unless Menlo sends me off on another long trip) by using the exercise room after breakfast and then going and sitting in the hot tub after the exercise. Consequently, I didn't get moving until close to 11 AM.

There was a method to my madness. I'd checked the weather radar, and as far as I could see, if I'd left earlier, I would have driven straight into the teeth of the storm that moved across northern California last night and this morning. By lazing around for a few hours, I only caught the trailing edge of it. Coming up over the Cascades, I only had to deal with moderate to heavy rain. Stopping at Redding as I normally do to refuel and to have coffee can check messages at Starbucks, I found that there was a band of no rain stretching from Redding to Vacaville, with rain on both sides of it. I called my mother and said I wouldn't be swinging over to Sutter this trip (having come through on the northbound leg three weeks ago), and instead I set a fairly direct course Fremont-ward.

It's not easy for me to stick to the road, though. I generally have to stop every 60 to 120 minutes. I made a virtue of this by checking Safeway stores along the way for Glucerna cereal. The good news is that I found a couple of places with the stuff on half-price sale. The bad news is that this appears to be because they're discontinuing it and were clearing the stock; other stores didn't even have shelf tags for it. That's too bad. I hope the cereal (which I've found to be effective as part of my diabetes treatment plan) isn't being discontinued entirely and that I can find another store selling it. I'd hate to have to go mail ordering grocery items!

Anyway, I arrived back in Fremont just after 8 PM. Just as I was finishing unloading the van, the rain restarted. I felt pleased with myself. Once I get my room sufficiently aired out to sleep, I'm planning on getting some rest.
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Yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I decided to move the pile of split poplar, it being the worst of the log-pile eyesores on account of it's in the front yard. (The other two — maple and cedar — are in the middle field and not immediately visible from the road.) So Lisa got the John Deere and wheeled the utility trailer over to the pile. Working together, it didn't take us too long to shift the wood into the trailer, but as we did so, we had to keep knocking mud, worms, and such from the wood that has sat there for some months, and we could see that everything on the bottom of the pile was still pretty wet. This log pile has been sitting in a place that doesn't get direct sunlight for much of the year. So rather than move it directly to the woodshed, Lisa drove the trailer into an exposed area of the yard and parked it. With no rain forecast until Thursday at the earliest, we'll let the logs sit in the sun for a couple of days before stowing them.

I have some hope that we might also get the maple logs moved as well, which would leave only the split cedar to shift. I'm afraid I'll probably have to leave that to Lisa to do, which is unfortunate because it goes more than twice as fast with two people doing it than with one. Although I'll not get any more wood split on this trip due to my injured thumb (it's really difficult to swing the splitting maul when your right thumb doesn't want to grip), I'd feel better if we got all of the already-split wood under cover for the winter.

I've observed that I've been much more willing to do the hard physical labor of keeping this property maintained these past few years than I was when I was in my thirties. Probably if I'd been less lazy then, I'd have to worry less about diabetes now.
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Lisa and I took a walk after lunch (as we've been trying to do every day when the weather permits), but my blood sugar was in the 180s, which is uncomfortably high. Rather than going for another walk, we decided to tackle the pile of branches that I'd cut down on my last visit but that we'd not been able to reduce to burnable size on account of I'd broken the chainsaw's oil filler cap when a piece of wood I split bounded away and hit the saw. We've long since repaired the saw, so Lisa and I kitted up and tackled the small wood pile. With me feeding logs and Lisa cutting, this took hardly any time at all, and in less than half an hour we had two hand-cart-loads of logs to haul to the wood shed. We also stowed a load of wood that Lisa had hauled over earlier. There's still mountains of wood that need hauling, but we felt better about clearing away one of the piles.

I felt a little shaky when I went back to the "office," and took another blood sugar reading: 88. That's actually a normal reading, but was a pretty significant fall from the one-hour-after-lunch peak, so I ate a banana to pump things back up a little bit.

Shoe update: Lisa's shoes have arrived, but since we're planning to go to Salem tomorrow evening (it's our wedding anniversary), we've put off the shoe retrieval until then.
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I had my head eyes examined yesterday, and as I expected, I need a slightly new prescription. My optometrist says I'm on the verge of needing bifocals; If I have spare money this year (and I might, on account of over-committing on an FSA), she wrote me two prescriptions: one is for progressive-lens bifocals.

Then it was time for the awful eye drops. At least this time I remembered to bring my MP3 player so that I had something to occupy my mind as my eyes dilated and my ability to read vanished. Good news: no signs of any macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or any other nasty stuff. After that, I sought out dark places for an hour or so. Even with double sunglasses over and under my regular glasses, it was bright out there. I hate having to drive after a dilation, given how fuzzy the world is. When I lived on the Peninsula and it was practical to do so, I would take the train or bus to appointments where my eyes were to be dilated so that I wouldn't have to drive thereafter.

I carefully picked my way through traffic down to Coco's. Since I was there a bit early, I sat in the van with my eyes closed and the seat reclined for about thirty minutes, listening to an episode of Johnny Dollar before heading inside. About halfway through the meeting, my eyes finally recovered to the point of being able to read small print again, but I wasn't really fully recovered until this morning.

On my way to the office today, I need to stop by the optician and look at new glasses. I reckon that if I can get them ordered today, they might actually have them by the time I get back from Oregon, so the repairs on my broken frame will only have to last another month.
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I appear to have lived roughly eight "days" in the past week, based on the extra part-day that sneaked in between Friday and Saturday. By that I mean that I fell asleep around 5 PM Friday afternoon, slept until just before Midnight, and then got up and had "dinner" (bad idea; blood sugar spiked high because I didn't exercise) and was up until between 4:30 and 5 AM, then went back to bed and slept until 10 AM.

I made my now-almost-traditional trek to the Farmers' Market in Centerville before breakfast, and did a big breakfast (which I enjoy doing when I have the time for it) that I didn't actually eat until close to noon. After all of that food, a long walk was indicated, so it was off to Quarry Lakes park. It was a great afternoon (accompanied by a baseball game where the Giants were thrashing the Dodgers). I stirred up a jackrabbit while walking along the "back stretch" where the trail is sandwiched between the lakes and the BART tracks. On the next segment along the Alameda Creek trail, I lost track of the number of little lizards contentedly sunning themselves on the rip-rap.

The 5 km walk around the lakes had the desired effect on getting my blood sugar tamed to a normal level, and I settled in to watch the last part of the Giants-Dodgers game.

Tonight, I'm heading up to San Francisco for tonight's SF in SF reading. I might have to leave a little early, however, because I would like to be home in time to watch the Formula 1 race, coverage of which starts at 11:30 PM Pacific time.
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I have a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to put into my storage locker, and there was no reason to put it off any longer, so this morning I headed north on the 3 1/2 hour drive to Yuba City. Today was pretty close to the perfect weather for doing the locker work. Not raining, not cold, but overcast and thus not hot either, with a slight breeze. The breeze is important because every time I get into the locker, the first thing I need to do is take the broom that I keep handy at the front of the locker and beat down cobwebs, spiders -- including the occasional black widow, I'm afraid -- and dust. The breeze helps clear the junk away.

This time, I decided that there are some things in that locker that I should have tossed out long ago, and now I had to do so in order to make room for the boxes going in. So in fact the van came back just as full as when I left the apartment, but most of it is to be recycled, donated to charity if they'll take the old beat-up office chair, or simply trashed if necessary. There are no dumpsters at the storage place -- you have to haul away your own trash.

Then I went out to my grandfather's house in Sutter, where I surprised my grandfather and my mother -- Mom has taken to spending several days each week at my grandfather's house -- since I hadn't told them I was coming. (I wasn't sure I was going to make the trip until this morning.) We ended us spending several hours cheerfully chatting away, as we do when we get together, before I realized that it was getting close to 7 PM and I needed to get on the road, since I wasn't spending the night in Yuba City the way I often do on these trips.

I stopped for dinner on the way home, but I ate too much and of the wrong things, and couldn't take time to exercise, which led to much-too-high blood sugar readings of 202 an hour later and even more worrisome, 203 an hour after that. (It had at least come down to a normal 103 an additional 90 minutes later, when I got back to Fremont.)

That's almost exactly 300 miles of driving -- about 7 hours on the road -- plus the 90 minutes at the locker wrestling with dusty furniture and wrangling boxes. (I need to remember to bring some gloves for the next time I do that.) I think I'm tired.

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