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Lisa and I continue to try and recover. She's a few days behind me, but we both keep coughing. When we're feeling ambitious, we go for a walk around the block or down the street. Otherwise, it's just a slow recovery. I'm glad we took that trip, but it took a whole lot out of us. We hope we're recovered somewhat by this weekend, because there are some projects here at Fernley House that need our attention.


Aug. 29th, 2017 05:30 pm
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Neither Lisa nor I am recovering well from the European trip. We both still have a bad cough and that keeps us from sleeping well (even with cough medication). I'm sure my co-workers in Iowa, Oregon, and Texas are happy that we all work from home, so I can't infect them with whatever I have. I do have (barely) enough energy to do the Day Jobbe, and that's about it.

We had some unexpected rain this afternoon. I'm glad to get it along with the most-all-day overcast that cut down the heat, but I hope it's not causing trouble north of here at Black Rock City. That playa is of course an ancient lake bed, and it doesn't take much to turn it from dust into mud.

Fax Freak

Mar. 7th, 2017 04:31 pm
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I had cause this afternoon to need to call one of the large medical groups in Reno to try and make an appointment. The first number I called, using information from my insurance company, got a fax machine. Okay, I must have dialed it wrong, so I checked again. I had the number right, but it according to the organization's web site, the doctor has moved to a different location with a different number in the same prefix, so I figured the old number had been reassigned to a fax machine. Try the new number. Fax again. That's funny. Try the group's general-inquiry contact number. Fax again.

I conclude that something has gone all pear-shaped with Renown Medical Group's telephone systems today, and I'll try again tomorrow.
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Not feeling particularly well today. It's probably one of those times when it's a good thing that my team only meets by video conference call. Hard to spread human viruses that way. Managed to get some work today, but am feeling like it would be a good idea to go to bed early.
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My thanks to those of you who made suggestions about what to do about the case of "computer elbow" I developed. I've made some changes to my work environment, including the armrest and the angle of my keyboard, and things are getting a bit better. I'm also staying away from the keyboard a bit more in order to give my right arm a rest. We'll see if it it continues to improve.
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I continue to experience "tennis elbow" pain primarily caused by too much time on the computer. I can't help the work-related stuff (although I'll look for an elbow brace and I've been putting additional padding on the arm-rest of my work chair), but I am spending a little less time behind the computer when not required for work.

Silent Kev

Dec. 6th, 2016 04:53 pm
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As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I talked my voice to pieces during SMOFCon. Today, I spent nearly the entire day in a conference room interacting with co-workers entirely through e-mail and instant messaging. It was not until I went to lunch and gave my sandwich order that it occurred to me that it was the first time all day that I'd actually spoken a word. This is probably just as well. I still am somewhat hoarse, but resting my voice and drinking lots of hot tea (but not coffee) seems to help.
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Today dawned bright and sunny, and was the warmest day this week, peaking at about 18°C; I, however, saw little of it except for when I walked to the Wigwam for breakfast (and won $13 of my $14 breakfast back from the machines using free-play coupons before deciding that it was time to go). That's because today was Meeting Day. In the morning was the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting, which went very efficiently as such things go, taking less than two hours while dissolving one committee (the San José in 2018 Worldcon Bid, whose remaining affairs are folded into the separate Worldcon 76 San José Committee) and creating two new ones, including a bid to hold the 2018 SMOFCon in Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco.

After the meeting, I had a couple of hours to get all of the corporate business done (updating the SFSFC web site, generating minutes, etc.) before a meeting of the Worldcon 76 San José Executive Committee, which also took a couple of hours as we worked out initial organizational issues. I've not done a lot with WC76SJ (I'm the WSFS division manager) since Kansas City, but that's because I've been holding off making some decisions until I get a chance to talk with certain people at SMOFCon in a couple of weeks.

By the time my last meeting was over, the sunshine had gone and clouds were rolling in (it looks like it may rain tonight), but Lisa and I did have time to deal with some periodic maintenance on the travel trailer that is better done with two people than one. Lisa was very nice yesterday afternoon (which was also clear and not too cold) and vacuumed out the Rolling Stone as we work on preparing it for the next trip to the Bay Area.

The cold is possibly fading. The medication I'm taking is doing what it's supposed to do, breaking up the chest congestion and letting me clear my lungs. I hope to be back to full strength by Thanksgiving.
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Lots of coughing here as the cold is getting its claws into me. We went to Walgreen's this afternoon to buy some cough/expectorant medication, as all of the medicines of that sort in the house are well past their expiration dates. (I need to pay attention to one of the "turn in old medicine" days so we can safely dispose of all that junk.)

Tomorrow, SFSFC has a board meeting in the Bay Area. I'll be participating via Skype, and thus not infecting anyone.
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The slight cold I picked up somewhere along the line is moving into my chest, and Lisa is showing signs of coming down with it as well. So we have done a public service by not coming up to Portland for OryCon. I only hope this things clears up before I fly to SMOFCon on the first weekend of December. Unfortunately, chest colds with me have a tendency to want to stick around for a while.
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While I was away in the Bay Area working and on the trip to Eurocon, Lisa was moving wood from the Mountain of Wood dumped in our front yard.

Lisa Moved a Lot of Wood )

It is now cold enough to start using the wood stove. Our first picks of wood are off of the small pile in the front yard. Today while we were walking to the post office after lunch, it started to sleet, so we were very happy to get home into our warm living room and throw a couple of more logs on the fire, all the more so because I'm still wrestling with some sort of cold that I fear is about to head down into my chest to set up housekeeping for a while.


Oct. 2nd, 2016 04:29 pm
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The cold I have picked up is fairly mild — I'm ambulatory — but I'm not working very hard, and have mostly stayed home and tried not to work too hard. I did feel good enough this morning to go have breakfast at the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino and try once again to win a free breakfast (no winner for the third time in a row on what amounts to a coin-flip), but otherwise it was a quiet day. I listened to the San Francisco Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in order to get into the post-season (a one-game playoff against the New York Mets), and worked with [ profile] lindadee to start getting the WSFS documents as of the end of the 2016 Worldcon online. That's about as ambitious as I want to be.

This coming week, I'm working from home. I'm glad I won't be contaminating my co-workers.

Home Again

Oct. 1st, 2016 03:13 pm
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Lisa showed amazingly good timing this morning, pulling up alongside the Rolling Stone just before 6 AM as I was putting on my shoes and finishing packing up. We made quick work of transferring stuff from the RV to the Astro, took the RV over to my mechanic's shop, and headed out of the Bay Area as fast as legally possible, which is pretty fast at 6 AM on a Saturday. Even with a stop at Tracy for breakfast, at Lodi Junction to refuel, a few minutes in Sacramento to look in briefly on my sister (with me wearing a face mask and not getting close because of the cold I appear to have caught), and a trip through the drive-through at Colfax for coffee, we made it back home by 1:30 PM, just over twelve hours after Lisa left home. I once again thanked Lisa for collecting me as she headed off to bed. She warned me that it will take her several days to get back on a more "normal" schedule.

I am happy to be home for two weeks.
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A change in my work schedule means I have to be in the Bay Area next week. That combined with the expected return of winter weather in a couple of days meant that we needed to get out ahead of our planned shopping schedule. After work today, we went into Reno, had dinner, and made the rounds of our grocery shopping. Lisa drove us home. She's feeling much better. I'm possibly slightly better than I was yesterday, but not much. I hope to be recovered from the cold before I head down to the Bay on Saturday. Fortunately, this won't interfere with me participating in the Nevada Democratic caucus on Saturday.
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Lisa has sufficiently recovered from her bout of food poisoning that she helped me unload wood from the utility trailer this afternoon, and she put the trailer away. We now have filled the wood box and have more besides piled on the "dog run" under plastic, and hope that this (about one cord total) will be enough to keep us warm for another month. (The past few days of unseasonably warm weather have helped a lot because we haven't had to light a fire, but winter returns on Wednesday evening, according to the weather forecast.)

Alas, as Lisa gets better, I get worse. I have the symptoms of a cold growing worse this evening. It's just as well that I'm not in the office in the Bay Area this week, because I'd be infecting my co-workers in a four-person office that has six desks squeezed into it.
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Today Lisa and I went into Reno for me to return/exchange two of the books I bought with my Christmas gift card that turned out to be duplicates, and to go to the SAS Store to turn in one pair each of our shoes to be sent for resoling. After stopping at the Sparks Nugget for a nice breakfast at Rosie's Diner (they have a seafood omelet Lisa likes), we dealt with the other two errands. It turns out to the the pair of my shoes that I brought them was too badly worn on the uppers for them to repair them; however, that was not a problem inasmuch as I just swapped them for the pair I was wearing, which was repairable. The cost of refurbishing the shoes is half that of a new pair, and considering that these shoes have lasted for years already, it's very cost-effective.

We had some vague ideas of doing other shopping as well, but Lisa is not feeling well and after we dealt with the shoes, said, "Let's go home," which we did.

While I was in Reno, my mother called. We discussed my idea of popping down to see her tomorrow, weather permitting, and after discussing it for a while, she said not to do so as a special trip, but instead to do so as part of my next regular trip to the Bay Area. When that will be is unclear. I'm supposed to go down there a week from tomorrow, but current week-ahead weather forecasts suggest that snow will get in the way. I may have to leave on Friday afternoon and go first to Yuba City that day, then on to the Bay Area, in order to dodge snowstorms. Somewhat ironically, it has warmed up sufficiently in Fernley that electric heaters are sufficient and we let the wood fire burn out for the first time in a week. (This did give me a chance to clean the stove, something you can't easily do when it's hot.)

I'm delighted that we're getting lots of snow in the mountains, but it's definitely personally inconvenient for my Nevada-to-Bay-Area commuting.
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Lisa is not feeling well, and aside from Day Jobbe, I'm mostly keeping quiet myself. There's weather heading this way, although the snowstorm moving over Donner Summit tonight is apparently nothing compared to the Snowpocolypse in the East. If Lisa is feeling well enough to do so, we do have errands to do in Reno tomorrow.
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We had 2-3 cm of snow in Fernley on Monday, with occasional light dustings on the next two days. On Monday we pretty much hunkered down and stayed home. I periodically swept snow from the walk before it could freeze into ice, which was good exercise, and I kept the wood stove well-fired while I worked on my Day Jobbe at my computer in the living room. Fernley really doesn't get that much snow, and we are pikers compared to the people getting meters and meters of the stuff.

A Plume in the Night )

After the snow stopped falling, Lisa and I decided to try and walk to the post office. Although Main Street (which is also a Nevada state highway) had been plowed, the sidewalks were still covered with snow. In a icy driveway, Lisa started to slip but recovered her balance. I reached to help her, lost my own balance, and went down hard on my right arm and hip.

I did not immediately get up, but because I didn't want Lisa to panic, I called out, "I'm okay! Nothing broken! Just give me a minute." I carefully took inventory and tried to work out how to get back to my feet without simply spinning out again. Eventually I was able to roll over and get some traction on the street gutter where there was some sand from the passing snowplow, and with Lisa's help I got moving again. We took things more carefully the rest of the walk. None of our shoes have deep tread.

After we got home, I took further stock of my bruises, and applied some of the willow-bark ointment Lisa had bought me for Christmas. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but I have been somewhat stiff and sore since then, although it's getting better. I'm very glad we have a massage attachment on the shower. For the first time since we put in the hot water heater, I came close to running it out of hot water as I let it soak some of the stiffness away.

The weather forecast through the weekend is generally clear, which is good because it has been too long since I put in an appearance at the office in the Bay Area, and I'm scheduled to work down there for the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to clear skies and dry pavement on Sunday.


Nov. 18th, 2015 08:19 pm
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I can still feel a twinge from the work done on my teeth yesterday (the jaw is still a little sore), but I'm mostly back to normal. Working too many hours to spend a whole lot of time on social media, though.
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Everything went well yesterday. I can see why they want post-operative patients under the care of a friend, although it was nowhere near as heavy as when I had my wisdom teeth out 35 years ago. [ profile] melchar and [ profile] gil_liant ferried me back and forth between the motel in San Jose and the Palo Alto Medical Center and made sure I made it back to my motel room safely, for which my thanks. I called Lisa to let her know all went well, fell upon the food I'd stashed in the room to break my operationally-required 36-hour fast, and went to bed early.

Today I move out of the motel back into the RV for the remainder of this stay in the Bay Area (through next Friday) and head off to the regular SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. The rest of the weekend looks like lots of Day Jobbe from things people were trying to get me to do Friday morning.

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