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Thanks to getting the minivan back this morning, I was actually able to get down to BayCon today. However, because I also needed to get an oil change, by the time I got there, the only panel I really was deeply interested in attending (discussing the current Hugo Controversy) was mostly ending. I spent most of the day behind the Sasquan table, although I did get an opportunity to walk through the Art Show and buy books in the Dealer's Room. I also had my blood pressure riled up mightily by a puppy apologist who has bought completely into the story that the Hugo Awards for the past decade have been dominated by a secret slate of works decreed by Tor Book and voted upon by the large number of Tor employees who have all been funded and ordered to vote by the Sekrit Slate. Still, aside from that one person, who proves that not all Puppies are short-term, never-been-part-of-Worldcon-fandom fans, it was a pretty good day. I want to thank all of the people who have been following my writing here and elsewhere and who have come by to say nice things about the work I've been doing. It's reassuring, really.

There wasn't a lot I wanted to do in evening programming, and I'm too stressed and tired to do the evening parties (and the party floor at BayCon has been pretty dire ever since they moved to the Santa Clara property anyway), so I decided to head back to the hotel in Newark and eat the last of my groceries here for dinner, and maybe turn in early. I won't be going back to BayCon tomorrow, but will instead head home by way of Sacramento and visiting my sister.

One minor worry: while driving into the parking garage in Santa Clara, the Service Engine Soon light briefly flashed on. It hasn't come back on, but I'm still concerned. The van needs to be ready for a long road trip.

When I got back to the hotel, I had a message from Lisa, who went to the Nevada State Railroad Museum for the official roll-out of the restored locomotive Glenbrook. She had a great time and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. Can't be in two places at once, however.
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The rental car had to be back at 9 AM this morning or else I'd incur another $84 even if I dropped it tomorrow morning, because Enterprise Fremont is closed Sunday and Memorial Day and the "meter" runs until they're open again. They were backed up with people picking up cars, so I dropped the contract and keys, saying I'd be back later (I expected needing them to take me back to the motel). I walked over to Fremont Wheel & Brake, and saw that while the shop was closed, my mechanic was working on my van. I knocked, but he couldn't hear me. I waited a while until he happened to be looking toward the window and he called out, "I'll be with you in a minute!" He did a few more things, opened the door, and said, "I'll be right back; I need to take your van for a spin around the block, and I think I can give it back to you now." Elated, I stood watch over his shop while he did the short test drive.

I Have the Minivan Back! )

Here's hoping everything works now. And once again, if you are in the Fremont CA area and want an excellent general mechanic who will charge you fairly and do excellent work, go talk to Cory at Fremont Wheel & Brake, because I cannot say enough good things about him.
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My mechanic has fixed the problem whereby the van would die when the engine idle dropped below a certain point, but now there's not enough high-end power. He worked on it all day today and into the evening without a solution, and he's going to come in tomorrow to work on it because I'm a good customer and he's a good guy, but he doesn't know if he can fix it. How I'm going to proceed after that I do not know. I've extended my hotel stay another night (through Saturday), but the rental car is due back by 9 AM Saturday, and if I can't return it by then, I'm effectively going to be charged through Tuesday morning because Enterprise rent-a-car isn't open on Sunday or holidays.

I'm thinking I may go ahead and go to BayCon tomorrow morning and leave either when my mechanic calls or 2 PM, which ever is earlier. But then what do I do if I can't get the van back? The current idea is that I would need to get Enterprise to take me back to the hotel, and then have a taxi take me to the train station on Sunday morning very early to catch a train that I hope will get me back to Reno on Sunday. I need to check availability. Logistics are complicated. And expensive.

I went down to BayCon for a few hours this afternoon and evening, which I enjoyed, but after the Meet the Guests and the call from my mechanic, I simply got too stressed out to enjoy the rest of the evening and decided to come back to the hotel room and try to rest. The Memorial Day Weekend is not looking like much of a holiday.

Lisa is now working on versions of Plan B: getting the RV ready to go as the vehicle to which we will travel to Spokane/Portland/Seaside. Expensive as all get-out, but at least we do have the plan in reserve.
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My mechanic tells me that he thinks he'll be able to get my minivan running again (air-idle control valve or something like that; I was driving and couldn't write it down), but I can't get it back until late on Friday. This sort of scrambles up a bunch of my travel logistics, and on top of it all I have a bunch of extra auto expenses to pay including $41/day worth of rental car. So I've had to cancel my hotel reservation for BayCon in favor of staying just one more night (Friday) in the Roach Motel in Newark. I hope to be at BayCon for a while on Friday evening and Saturday morning, but I reckon I need to go home Saturday afternoon to try offset at least some of the extra expenses I've run up. This is particularly irritating with the long road trip to Spokane/Portland/Seaside coming up next week.

I guess I'm glad I wasn't actually booked into doing any specific things for anyone at BayCon this weekend. I apologize if anyone was counting on me for anything; I won't be around much, save parts of Friday evening and Saturday morning.
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Re-reading what I wrote about the last day of BayCon, I realized that I left Lisa in limbo at the Portland in 2016 Westercon bid table. She stayed until a bit after Noon, and then set off for home, leaving me to pinch-hit for her behind Portland's table. (If this was a contested race, I would have been quite leery about doing this, as I am about getting too involved with the 2017 Worldcon race next year on account of being a director of the parent corporation of the Montréal bid.) I lasted until nearly the Bitter End, striking the set just before the Closing Ceremonies.

After packing up, I went up to an unofficial wind-down party [ profile] ashi (who had actually been at a convention out of state all weekend) was hosting for a while before hanging out in the lobby until it was time to head for BASFA. I took BayCon FGoH Sally Woerhle with me to the BASFA meeting. (That makes Sally the first person other than Lisa and [ profile] travelswithkuma to have ridden in both the SMOF van and the Rolling Stone.) BASFA voted to declare her the club's "Ambassador to Cascadia."

Lisa left me a message that evening letting me know that she made it home around 6 PM, once again making excellent time because she was traveling against the majority flow of traffic.

After BASFA, I returned Sally to the hotel, but I didn't go in for the Dead Dog Party myself because I really needed to try and get to bed on account of needing to return to my up-at-5-AM schedule for Day Jobbe. I managed, but it wasn't much fun.
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Lisa and I continued our attempt to not over-exert ourselves here at BayCon, sleeping in and not working too hard. In the late morning, we went to the Cargo Cult Books table, where we cashed out the pile of books I'd been accumulating with David Clark and took them out to the Rolling Stone, which has inadvertently started growing a bookshelf of SF/AH/Trains. After we had our lunch, we sat at the Portland Westercon bid table — well, Lisa did the work; I just sat there because she was there — so Lea Rush could both get her lunch and also see a bit of BayCon herself. After Lea returned to take over (Lisa sold two Portland pre-supports while she was in charge), Lisa and I and [ profile] travelswithkuma looked through the Art Show. I was particularly taken with the Lego Art, and specifically with the Southern Pacific cab-forward locomotive. Had it not been an NFS display piece, I would have been tempted to bid on it.

While BayCon is not particularly costume-heavy these days (which is a shame), there were still costumes to see, and I was able to take some pictures.

The Librarian Prince and others )

After the Dealers Room closed, David Clark joined us and Warren Buff and the four of us went out to dinner, where afterwards Warren interviewed us for some fannish oral history.

Returning David and Warren to the hotel, Lisa and I went and refueled the Astro so there would be no worries on Monday as Lisa headed home, then went back to the hotel ourselves. We made a pass through the Sunday evening parties, but once again found ourselves feeling very drained, and by 10:30 PM we were back in the room working our way toward bed. In my own case, this is surely a symptom of my having to be up at 5 AM most work days, which has skewed my sleeping schedule into a Franklinesque early-to-bed-early-to-rise pattern.

Lea Rush had to fly back to Portland early this Monday morning, so Lisa agreed to staff the Portland bid table for a while on Monday. As the Portland bid has no more appearances planned before the Salt Lake City Westercon, his meant the Lea could leave some of the bid's stuff with us and we'll carry it in the van to Utah, saving her having to lug it back and forth on the planes to and from Portland. Logistics, ho!
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I continue to marvel at how different it is to attend a convention without a vast number of stress-inducing commitments about which to worry. It's a good thing, too, because I continue to suffer the ravages of hay fever, just less bad than a week ago. Being able to sleep in, look around when we feel like it, and sit down and watch the convention go by is a wonderful thing.

Anyway: on Saturday we had a lunch appointment with Doug and Kirsten Berry, which have Kirsten the ability to give [ profile] travelswithkuma his long-delayed birthday present.

Doctor Bear? )

Speaking of costumes, later in the convention we spent quite a while sitting near the Fan Tables area, which was one of the good places to see people in costume, and sometimes I was able to take pictures of them. This is how I learned also that (unlike what I wrote yesterday), Helsinki in 2017 has a presence here at BayCon, just not a fan table.

Moose and Costume )

Portland in 2016 Westercon continued to do a land-office business selling pre-supporting memberships as Lea Rush explained why Portland will be a great place to hold the 2016 Westercon.

Bear helps )

We had a look through the Dealer's Room, and I added books to the pile I will be purchasing later this weekend from Cargo Cult Books. I Tweeted the following picture of the Cargo Cult table.

Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion )

FanimeCon is also going on this weekend, and some people are attending both of them, along with the Fanime affiliate Clockwork Alchemy. This makes for an interesting combination of costumes on view.

Kawaii in the Corridors )

I'm not a huge shutterbug, really, but I've been snapping photos with my phone when I see things I like, posting them to my BayCon folder on Flickr, and Tweeting them from my @KevinStandlee account.

Later in the afternoon, I ran into Sally Woerhle, BayCon's Fan Guest of Honor, who was looking for a dinner party. She agreed to go with Lisa and me, later joined by Lea Rush, as we have the Astro and could transport people off-site for a little variety, there being only the hotel restaurant and some fast food places within easy walking distance of the Hyatt. We had a nice early dinner before returning Sally to BayCon to take care of her evening FGoH responsibilities.

Lisa and I briefly went to Saturday's parties, but we both were feeling pretty tired and once again turned in early. We find we really can use the extra time for winding down before getting some much-needed sleep. However, we did enjoy ourselves socializing with people, as we expect to do again on Sunday.
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I spent the day relatively restfully at BayCon. I have posted some of the photos to my BayCon Album on Flickr, and as I post them, I've Tweeted them using the #BayCon2014 tag, so watch for more tomorrow as they present themselves. There was at least one other very nice costume that I snapped, but discovered the hard way that if you take a photo within the Flickr app and don't upload it before taking another one, the app dumps the first one from memory.

We wimped out and turned in quite early tonight. I'm still not feeling particularly healthy (although I'm now back on my diabetes and HBP meds as Lisa brought them down with her) and don't have the stamina to be up all day and all night. We're just glad we haven't make a whole bunch of commitments to people here.
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I was able to get away from work after lunch on Friday and get down to BayCon by around 1 PM. I was very concerned about parking the Rolling Stone because the supply of surface parking there is quite limited, and of course I can't park that boat in the parking garage. To my delight, I found a deep corner space available and no parking lot traffic, giving me the time it takes to gently back in.

Photo: Docked at BayCon )

Heading inside, I went up to the fan tables on the mezzanine, where I delivered Portland in 2016 Westercon bid fliers to Lea Rush, chair of Portland's bid (she'd flown down that morning; I printed fliers for her locally so she wouldn't have to lug them around) as well as some 2016 Westercon Site Selection ballots (just released this week) and put Montreal in 2017 Worldcon bid fliers out on the flyer table.

I found that my hotel room was ready, so I checked in and moved my stuff from the RV to the hotel room. (With the RV, I don't have to pack quite as compactly as when I'm traveling in the Astro; for example, there's a closet in the Rolling Stone in which to hang my shirts rather than having to bag them up in luggage.) There's a nice view of the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, Levi's Stadium, from my hotel room window.

Stay Away from Here on Game Days )

I went to check out the Dealer's Room, where I ran in to BayCon's Fan Guest of Honor, Sally Woehrle. I made the "I'm not worthy" bow, and she started to make it back to me, saying something about my past Worldcon Chair status, and I said, "Forget that: as Fan Guest of Honor, you have brevet rank over me for the duration of the convention. You don't get to become a Respected Elder Statesman of Fandom until after your Worldcon is over."

As we chatted, Warren Buff, out to BayCon to promote the DC in 2017 Worldcon Bid, joined us, and the three of us repaired to the bar for a round of smoffing, about which more later. The DC2017 bid is the only one represented here (aside from the Montreal fliers I brought). Lisa and I could conceivably have run a Montreal bid table, but with my current work stress and Lisa's dental/tinnitus issues, we have too much going on in our lives to do so right now.

After our smof session, I went to check on Lea Rush, who was happy to have sold a handful of Portland bid pre-supports including a Friend of the Bid, but who was also looking very faded out, having been up since 3 AM to get her flight down from Portland. At my suggestion, she closed her table and after she returned from stowing her things in her room, I showed her where the pod of fast food, including a Togo's, is located a short distance north of the hotel. After we returned, she headed back to her room to eat and maybe rest from her travel.

After my late lunch, I returned to the Dealers Room, started a pile of books with Cargo Cult, and was talking trains with Scott Dennis when my phone rang. It was Lisa, who had made absurdly good time driving down from Fernley against the flow of getaway day traffic and was here about two hours earlier than I expected. We unloaded her things from the van and went off to dinner. Later, after dinner, I called Lea Rush and (based on an earlier conversation) offered to take her to Trader Joe's for something they had that she wanted. Also, thanks to the hotel rooms here having mini-fridges, she was able to lay in some supplies, as were we.

Lisa and I did a brief troll of the Party Floor, but both of us were tired and we retired early. Having no commitments on Saturday of BayCon, we were able to sleep in. I guess I was tired. I slept for more than ten hours.

It's rather strange to me to have almost no time-specific commitments at a convention. I hardly know what to do with myself. But OTOH, I've been working so hard that having the weekend at a nice hotel where I don't have to work myself to death and can sort of relax is a Really Nice Thing.
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After work last night, I wrestled the Rolling Stone down to Santa Clara to pick up our membership badges for BayCon, which starts Friday, before heading back to the office and rigging the RV for the night. I need to try and get away from work as soon as I can on Friday — and given that I have already logged 40 hours this week by COB Thursday, I should be able to justify it — because the hotel's supply of surface level parking spaces is limited, and I certainly can't park the RV in the garage!

The antihistamines are finally starting to knock down the hay fever, but the symptoms are still there, and because I can't take decongestants, I have severe sinus congestion still. I hope I'm not too awful company during BayCon.
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...of the Hay kind, I'm afraid. The cold I had last week must have ended eventually, but I didn't notice because it morphed into hay fever, some of the worst I've ever had. I have to be very careful with anti-allergy medications because of my high blood pressure. I've found some that has an antihistamine without the decongestant (the latter being what's contraindicated for HBP), and it might help a little, but for now I'm suffering from itchy, watery eyes and a raw throat from the coughing and congestion. Even here in the office, I'm doing as much communication my e-mail as in person because I can barely talk. If this lasts through BayCon, I won't be good company at all.
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I actually was ready to go too early this morning, because I had an errand in Reno that I could not do before 10 AM when Twin City Surplus opened. (I had to return a wrong-size item and order the correct one.) But that meant that packing to go was not rushed at all. I bade Lisa and [ profile] travelswithkuma goodbye for a few days (they'll be down for BayCon this coming weekend, which lands in the middle of my planned two-week stint in the Bay Area) and made for Reno. My business done, I pulled back out onto I-80 and saw a large cloud of smoke on the mountains to the west of the city. I stopped at the Scolari's in West Reno so I could take a picture.

Look Out Above )

The trip to the Bay Area was relatively routine, as I continue to learn to drive the Rolling Stone. It's still more stressful than the Astro, particularly when there's crosswinds, as there were today, particularly crossing Altamont Pass. We're thinking of having a steering stabilizer installed, which would make it less twitchy.

This will be the first two-week trip in the RV, but it's not a full-blown test of its livability because there will be a 3-day hotel stay in the middle of it. My only real challenge will be to get to the BayCon hotel in Santa Clara before all of the surface parking spaces fill, on account of I certainly can't fit in the parking garage!
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The fourth and final day of BayCon was the first time that Lisa and I managed to get there before Noon, which is ironic considering that this was move-out day and things were much quieter. Most of the fan tables were unstaffed or closed early. We, however, started to do business. Indeed, we ended up selling more Westercon 66 memberships in the last four hours than in the preceding three days as people took stock and determined they could afford to buy a membership and take advantage of the $5 BayCon discount. I have no doubt that the awesome party hosted by Kevin & Andy (and ThinBot) the night before had something to do with people deciding that they should go ahead and join the convention and start planning to come to Sacramento next year for Independence Day.

We stuck around (excepting a break for lunch) until the hotel started taking down the fan tables, after which we both agreed we were quite tired and went back to the apartment. Both of us napped a bit, me much longer than Lisa, before we headed out to tonight's BASFA meeting, where, for a change, I stayed clear through to the end of the meeting.

Commuting to the convention is much cheaper than staying in the hotel, but it clearly is a different experience, and not, in my opinion, for the better. Even being only about ten minutes away from the convention makes for a less enjoyable experience than being right there on site. BayCon itself, what I saw of it, was fun and enjoyable and there were over 1,600 people attending and having a good time.
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After our unwanted medical adventure, Lisa really wasn't up to much more than sitting at a table with her foot propped up — doctor's orders. So we spent the rest of the afternoon behind the Westercon 66 table talking to people about Sacramento and Westercon.

Kuma Bear helps Lisa sell memberships )

The Fan Tables area had pretty good traffic, and we saw many people in costume. I was a little slow on the draw for most of them however, except for this lovely girl who stopped long enough to let me take a photo.

Thank you, Alex )

Most of the fan tables closed out around 4:30 or 5, but Lisa and I, having little better to do, hung around until 7, after which we closed up shop. I took our stuff out to the van, and we had dinner in the bar, since you can order from the main restaurant menu from there and you can sit out in the open and socialize with people as they passed, which we did.

After dinner we headed up to the "Ordinary Hotel Room" where we were seeking "Agent 66," the shadowy agent we were told had something to to with Westercon in Sacramento. There had been room party flyers up insisting that Room 336 was an "ordinary hotel room," and there Westercon 66 had the room decorated with signs reassuring everyone that "This is an ordinary hotel phone," "this is an ordinary wall," and, least convincingly, "this is an ordinary bartender" next to Kevin Roche's ThinBot, a martini-mixing robot. (The name is inspired by the "Thin Man" films.) As usual with Kevin and Andy's parties, the place was packed, and while I enjoyed it (and ThinBot is really cool, even for a non-drinker like me), I had to flee across the hall to the less-crowded Fanzine Lounge. Lisa, who is more allergic to crowds than me, had already done so. We hung about for a while, talking with all comers and enjoying ourselves, but about 10:30 or we made our way out of the hotel and back to the Atrium Gardens.

Once again as I approached home, we saw people in anime costumes having just disembarked from light rail at Gish Station. We gave the girls the thumbs-up sign as we passed them, although I don't know if they saw. I helped Lisa out of the van and we turned in for the night.

It's a lot more work commuting to the convention, even when it's only a short distance. We'll be back over at BayCon tomorrow to help staff the table, but not necessarily very early.
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Lisa has had a minor infection in her foot for some time now, but last night it started getting worse. It wasn't bad enough to need a visit to the ER, but by this morning, she decided it was bad enough to require a visit to Urgent Care.

Possible TMI warning )

Because of the time we had to spend at PAMF today, I was unable to attend my scheduled 1 PM panel at BayCon about the Future of Westercon. When we finally did get to the convention, I went and apologized to Programming and to the other panelists, but nobody faulted us for having a family medical emergency.
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Lisa and I were late getting going on Saturday morning and did not get over to BayCon until early afternoon. We sat at the Westercon 66 table, or rather mostly Lisa sat at the table while I dealt with my two panels, which were a panel about technology and changes in fandom (sparsely attended) and a much more lively panel reviewing this year's Hugo Awards ballot. To my amazement, we managed to go through the entire fifteen-category ballot in the 75 minutes allotted to the panel, including many diversions along the way.

After my second panel, we couldn't hang around, because we needed to get dinner before heading off to see Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show</em. about which more in my next post.
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After I got shut of work this afternoon, Lisa and I went over to BayCon, registered, and hung around the LoneStarCon Worldcon and Westercon 65 tables for a while. Lisa has been recruiting people to be on the committee for the version of Westercon 65 that will be held in Tonopah this year (in a different timeline). Lisa and I will host a party at Westercon 65 in this timeline where a little bit of Tonopah's Westercon is expected to leak through.

After dinner, we went to the Meet-the-Guests event, but the music was loud, so Lisa and I had to leave.

We attended and participated in a memorial service for Kathryn Daugherty, and raised a toast in her honor. Many people in Bay Area fandom were there sharing their memories of Kathryn.

We also briefly visited the party floor, ending up in the Fanzine Lounge where I found myself the subject of a question that Chris Garcia was asking David Clark: How many Worldcons has Kevin Standlee attended? Dave was right within the allowed margin of error (+/-1). I had to count it up myself, and the answer is, as of right now, 24 (1984 and 1989-2011 inclusive).

Lisa was feeling very tired and I'm none to great myself, plus we're commuting, so we called it a night early and headed back to the apartment. We needed a few snack-like things and walked around the corner to the 7-Eleven, where we saw standing on the corner a couple of extremely kawaii girls in anime-costumes, and there were other people inside the konbini who obviously were attending FanimeCon, which is happening in downtown San Jose this weekend.

I'm glad I don't have any morning commitments. I do want to help out at the Westercon 66 table tomorrow, but I also have panels at 2 and 4:30, and Lisa and I have tickets for Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show Saturday night, so we won't be around BayCon that night. We'll be back on Sunday.
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Lisa arrived in San Jose safely and was waiting for me when I got home from work. I'll expecting to work from the apartment tomorrow to make it easier to get away to BayCon in mid-afternoon.
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I continue to be working long enough hours that I don't have as much time as I would like to post LJ updates. I have stuff about which I want to write, like the photos from my walk at Quarry Lakes last weekend to the results of my apartment's owner refunding some of my deposit, but 14-hour days aren't conducive to it.

Lisa has decided to come down for BayCon (and Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show) after all, so I'm going to try backing off slightly tomorrow and Friday, turning the heat at work from incinerate to merely deep fry.
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I got to Mehama on Saturday about 5 PM, a little earlier than I expected, even though I did make two longish stops: first at the Valley of the Rogue rest area/state park, where I took a walk along a portion of the trail between the rest area and the RV park portions of the park; second, at Cottage Grove where I stopped for fuel and lunch and walked down the Oregon Pacific & Eastern trail (on the bed of the former railroad) to downtown Cottage Grove.

Today, rather than get on the computer, we got to work, this being one of the few not-raining days we're expecting during this stretch. We need several days of not-rain before we can tackle That Darn Roof, so today was smaller things. We got out the ladder and Lisa repaired and unclogged rain gutters on her father's garage. We hauled five or six wheelbarrow loads of gravel from a pile on the property to near the old house where we spread it over a walking path that has been getting muddy. And after a shopping run to Salem, it seemed dry enough to break out the law mowers. Lisa got the big John Deere riding mower out and I got the small push mower. She did the big expanses of the field while I trimmed the edges and cut the small yard near her father's house.

To some extent, I did not feel like I'd done very much, but I was certainly tired at 4 PM when we called it a day because it was starting to spit rain again. I wasn't aware how worn out I was until I lay down and fell asleep for what Lisa said was about 2 1/2 hours. We had dinner and started to go for a long walk in the deepening twilight, but the rain had started up with more than the light force of that afternoon, so we were obliged to cut back our hike. While we were having dinner, Lisa's friend Scott called and expressed his concern that he hadn't seen me post a message saying I'd arrived, so Lisa sent me over to her father's house to get online and check the mail.

This afternoon, [ profile] hazelchaz text-messaged me from FanimeCon, where Wendy and Richard Pini are appearing, saying that they said hello and asked if I had the time to come over from BayCon. I wrote back explaining that I was actually in Oregon, not at B -- I meant to write "BayCon" but accidentally hit send. I was touched that they asked after me. I was one of the founders of the MythAdventures Fan Club in the days of WaRP Graphics publication of the comic book, as those of you who have known me back to the late 1980s know. I also have a massive case of Elfquest Fanboy Syndrome that is in remission.

Tomorrow being a holiday, I may not be online much or at all. A lot depends on the weather. If we get any clear weather, there is more work to be done here. There always is more work to be done here, not all of which requires going up on slippery roofs.

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