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I did attend Star Wars Day at the San Jose Giants (California league A level affiliate of the San Francisco Giants) on Saturday, where Ken Patterson had organized a BASFA day at the ballpark.

A Day In the Sun With Fans )

Click through any of the photos to see more of them.

Alas, while the Force may have been with us, it wasn't with the Giants, who fell to the Modesto Nuts, 14-4. Still, we had a great time, and I hope to make another visit with the club maybe next season. We had lots of room to spread out and relax in the VIP box, and the cost was less than it would have been for upper deck seats and food at Emperor Norton Field at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Not that I'll turn down a reasonable chance to go see the Big Giants play, but minor league baseball has considerable attractions. Which reminds me that Lisa and I need to find a chance to go watch the Reno Aces play this season, too.
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In a few minutes, I'm heading off to San José to attend tonight's San Jose Giants game with other members of BASFA during the Giants' "Star Wars Night." While costumes are encouraged, I have nothing appropriate, so it's just going to be my usual orange-and-black Giants gear. It looks to be a fun.

Tomorrow I head for home, but something has come up that means I have to make a detour up to Yuba City as well, so it's likely to be a very long day for me. I sort of hope that I wake up early and get a fast start. Don't know if I'll be online much more between now and getting home, and by the time I get home, I may well just want to fall into bed because I still start work at 6 AM on Monday.
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It being a Monday night when I'm in the Bay Area, I would normally be found at the meeting of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association. However, today I have to work at our Mountain View/Sunnyvale offices all day, and the BASFA meeting is in Milpitas. And there's a 49ers football game in Santa Clara this evening. No way am I going to go get stuck in Game Day traffic. It would be different if I had to be at the Fremont warehouse today, but that's not the case.
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The Bay Area Science Fiction Association, after weeks of discussion, adopted at club member Code of Conduct last month. I finally managed to find time yesterday to post it to the BASFA web site. Click on Rules on the left menu bar and then see the newly-adopted Rule 15, which will lead you to the Code of Conduct and details of enforcement.
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I had hoped to be able to coax [ profile] autopope and [ profile] feorag, who are in the Bay Area this week, down to Fremont BART where I would collect them and take them to/from tonight's BASFA meeting. However, they have a lot on their plate while they are here and have had to demur, which is not a problem and perfectly understood. Besides, a pretty significant number of the people they would have seen at BASFA they'd already seen at Westercon, considering that only two members turned up at the July 4 meeting.

(If there was a BASFA meeting in Portland Willamette Bay that night, I missed it.)
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Tonight is one of the last "trial" meetings of BASFA, as we wind up the evaluation meetings at very locations around the Bay Area and in a few weeks make a decision about a new permanent home for the club's meetings. Because tonight's trial is in Milpitas, I arranged to work at the Fremont office today so I didn't have to fight my way across CA-237. I'm still trying to decide whether I should even cast a vote in the poll to pick a new place, because while I'll be in the Bay Area a little more than usual for the next few months, in generally I can only expect to be here one week in three.
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Well, it didn't look like it for a while today, but it appears that I will indeed have time to go to BASFA tonight. I may not stay that long, though, as I have to be up at 4:45 AM tomorrow if I'm to be ready for more early-morning conference calls.
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[Yes, I know the Santa Clara light rail isn't a "trolley."]

I intended to use a combination of light rail and a bus ride to get to BASFA last night. I was one of the first aboard the LRV waiting at Mountain View, but the car filled up completely with people heading to the 49ers football game at Levi's Stadium. This proved to be my undoing. The car was so full that the operator began to skip stops, including Reamwood, which was where I was supposed to get off, and I would have been hard-pressed to get out through the packed-in crowd of people in the car anyway. I managed to extricate myself at Lick Mill, after all of the football fans had left. I started to walk back to try and go back the other way, but it took so long (partially because of having work my way through the Security Theatre around Levi's Stadium) that I concluded that it wasn't worth it, so I took the next car heading downtown and went back to the motel instead.

Sorry that I missed folks who might have been expecting to see me at BASFA. Once again, I thank those people who offered to give me a ride back to the motel.

I guess I must have had enough sleep (although I don't feel like it) because I woke up early and ended up catching the earliest LRV back to Mountain View that I could. I had the shuttle bus to my office all to myself.
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Having logged more than 40 hours of work at Day Jobbe by late Thursday night, I was in a position to leave early Friday, at least after I dealt with a few last-minute brush fires supporting one of our European offices at the end of their day. (Which was something of an advantage, coming in at 6 AM Pacific Time.) So I got out of town at 10:30 AM and set off for home via Altamont Pass.

Don't Take Me Out to the Ball Game )

Despite the time I spent working on the road at Lodi Junction and with Kelli in Sacramento, I still got out of the Sacramento area before the worst of the Friday afternoon traffic formed, and it was a relatively routine drive home. Of course the days are much longer now, but I surprised Lisa by getting home before sunset.
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I finished transcribing the results of three weeks of BASFA's Hugo and Campbell Award discussions, and the results start with this entry on [ profile] hugo_recommend. Unfortunately, I'm not one of that group's administrators, and the tags were never updated for 2015, so everything is tagged with the wrong year, but I did get it done.
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I picked up the papers from the BASFA Hugo Recommendation Nights at Monday's meeting. I've spent some time each of the last two nights transcribing the information from the papers and will post it to the [ profile] hugo_recommend community when I'm done. I know we're running out of time as the Hugo nominating deadline fast approaches, but with me working >10 hours/day on Day Jobbe, there is only so long I can spend each night peering over papers and trying to decode people's handwriting. I'm about two-thirds of the way done now.
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So as I mentioned at the time, Friday was just a mess of things that needed doing, and there was no time for writing. However, I do want to remember how it went, so here's the rundown.

Just Another Frantic Friday )

Photos from the Ball Game )

I think I got to sleep about 2 AM. Fortunately, I had no commitments on Saturday. I'm glad the BASFA outing was to that Friday game, not the Saturday evening one, where the Dodgers roared back and annihilated the Giants 17-0.
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On the grounds that a month of wheezing, coughing, and sore throat was more than enough, I called my doctor's office yesterday morning, and they were able to squeeze me in for an appointment Monday afternoon. Getting the RV to Palo Alto Medical Center was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to park at Town & Country Village down the street and walk to PAMF. (Which is why I left extra-early for the appointment.) My doctor had a look and listen and said, "You've got an infection in your lungs." He prescribed a two-week course of antibiotics.

After the appointment, I justified using T&CV's parking lot by buying a small smoothie, then made my laborious way down to Mountain View, making a banking errand stop along the way, to collect the prescription from the Walgreen's where I lived when I shared an apartment with Michael Wallis some years ago. After that, it was on to BASFA. My doctor doesn't think I'm particularly infectious unless I were to cough all over their food or something like that, so I thought it okay to make the trip; however, I was so tired and unwell that I bailed out of the meeting after I'd had dinner and before the meeting actually started so I could get to bed early.
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It turned out that the BASFA Baseball Outing was called off and I didn't have tickets to the game tonight after all.

Oh, that's Bad. No, that's Good... )

Bad Vaudeville routines aside, the cancellation of the Giants outing meant that I could drop the final night of my hotel stay in Santa Clara and instead drive to Yuba City this afternoon (I was able to leave work at 1 PM after a company function in Fremont) instead of tomorrow morning having to be up at 4 AM after having taken the train back from AT&T Park after a Giants night game. (The hotel in YC is half the cost of the Candlewood Suites Santa Clara.)

Lisa and I left Fernley and Fremont at almost exactly the same time, with the effect being that she got to the hotel in Yuba City less than fifteen minutes after I checked in to the hotel. Tomorrow morning we'll go collect a rental pickup truck and get my nephew to help us extract the sofa from the locker and deliver it to my sister.
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I haven't yet posted the BASFA Retro-Hugo Nominations, because I'm still working 12 hours a day and haven't a whole lot more energy. It takes a couple of hours to format everything, and I'd rather do it all in one go. I'll try to get it done no later than Sunday night, which will give people one final week to get their nominations entered.

The long days are slightly less wearing at home because I don't have a commute to contend with. Also, much of the long days have been because each day I've had a goal and I've seen how to get to it; if I don't get to that goal the same day, I'll lose my train of thought and have to spend hours getting back into the zone.
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At Monday night's BASFA meeting, none of the club officers turned up. The meeting turned to me, as the closest thing they had (I'm a former President of the club), and I found myself presiding for the first time in quite a while. This of course gave me both the ability and the incentive to keep the meeting short so we could finish off our Hugo Award discussion nights, although I did let people blather on for an hour or so.

After the meeting we polished off our discussions of the 1939 Retro-Hugo Awards (for works published in 1938), and I'll get them posted as soon as I get the chance to [ profile] hugo_recommend

Mo Starkey showed off the first physical copy I've seen of the Wizards Tower Press book Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion. We hope to work out a deal to get some of the physical copies for sale out here on the US west coast soon.
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After shifting hotels from Union City back to the somewhat more affordable Vagabond Inn in San Jose, I spent the afternoon collating BASFA's Hugo Award recommendations, which I posted to [ profile] hugo_recommend. That's several hours' work, so I think I'm done for today. (But not for the Hugos this year, because we still have the Retro-Hugo Recommendations to finish up at tomorrow night's BASFA meeting.)

The Crowne Plaza bed was wonderful; the most comfortable night's sleep I've had in a hotel in months. Alas, I didn't sleep in more than a couple of hours because I need to be able to get to sleep tonight. Daylight Savings Time or not, I still have to be up at 5 AM tomorrow in order to be in the office by 6:30 tomorrow morning.
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Being at BASFA until the Bitter End (because of the Hugo Discussion nights) plus being up at 5 AM to be at work for another ten-hour day is a bad combination. Accordingly, I have little to say tonight as visions of data structures dog me while I try to get ready to bed.

Thanks to the folks at BASFA for their support. I'll get the club's 2014 Hugo recommendations posted by this weekend. The 1939 Retro-Hugo recommendations (for works published in 1938) will take one more week because we have one more Monday (next week) for discussions.
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I headed out from Fernley this morning and got over the pass before the slushy light snow at the summit turned into more serious snow. West of there, and for most of the rest of the drive I had to deal with light to torrential rain. I'm not complaining; we desperately need more rain (and snow up higher; I want snow amounts like what stranded the City of San Francisco back in 1952). But unlike the maniacs out there who think that heavy rain means "go faster," I slow down in the snow and rain, and that means it took longer than my already relatively sedate pace to get to San Jose. I left Fernley about 9:30 AM and arrived at my hotel in San Jose, 300 miles later at 6:30 PM, having stopped for lunch at the Black Bear Diner in Auburn, and having made several other stops along the way as well.

Now I need to get unpacked and deal with some things I put off all of last week and now have no more time to delay on account of I need them by tomorrow night at the BASFA meeting.
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BASFA generally always ends its weekly festivities by adopting a "Rumor of the Week." We didn't adopt the one I preferred, but I liked it so much that I thought I'd share it with those of you who follow gridiron:

New Motto for Denver )

No, you won't understand it if you don't know American Football. Don't worry about it.

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