Jan. 12th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Snow Day)
The warm(ish) storm a couple of days ago melted nearly all of the snow around here save a bit here and there in shaded places. However, around 5 AM today it started snowing again and it snowed much of the day. Lisa, who is sleeping days at the moment, kept the fireplace stoked and swept walks a few times before going to bed shortly after I got up this morning.

Here We Go Again )

Last night, when the roads were still clear, we made a quick run to the grocery store and also moved vehicles around to where we would rather park them. While doing that, we discovered to our dismay that the replacement windshield on the Astro is leaking. There's not a whole lot we can do until it dries back out again. Lisa's considering clearing enough space in the garage for us to park the minivan inside until we can affect repairs. This afternoon, after the snow stopped, I went out and swept the snow off the vehicle so at least maybe less moisture will get through.

Not Everyone Could Stay Inside )

This evening after work, the snow faded for a while, and I went out and dug more snow. I measured it in several places, and it looks like we got about 10 cm. After this storm passes, we are apparently due for a couple of days of relatively clear weather, but not another flood-inducing warm rainstorm, thank goodness. We need the water — even now, my part of Nevada isn't out of drought conditions yet, although things are much better than they were this time last year — but not all at once!

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