Jan. 24th, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Snow Day)
...but not that much. When I got up this morning, Lisa (who has been sleeping days lately) told me that it had snowed again last night and that she'd spent a lot of time keeping the walk and porch swept, and the fireplace well stoked, for which I was grateful. This last bit of snow dropped maybe 2 or 3 cm. By the time I could take a break late in the morning, all of the concrete surfaces that got direct sunlight had already cleared of the last bit that fell after Lisa went to bed. I went out and swept the shaded area. After lunch, I scraped out the path to the wood pile. That's on the north side of the house and doesn't get much sun, so at least 10 cm of snow is still there. Not a big deal, but more snow than Fernley normally gets.

After dinner, we went to Big R and bought a bag of sidewalk salt. We use this sparingly, but there are places near the travel trailer that just don't get any sun and thus tend to get very icy.

The next week is supposed to be clear and cold, with temperatures just above freezing. However, those places that get direct sunlight will warm up more than the air temperature indicates, of course. The east-facing roof slopes on the house, which get more sun than the west faces, have almost completely cleared of accumulated snow already.

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