Mar. 23rd, 2017

kevin_standlee: (Kevin and Lisa)
Lisa's computer would no longer work with the very old version of Skype installed on it, nor would it download the newest version. After a lot of fussing about, I was able to download the full version of Skype to my computer, transfer it to her computer via USB, and she was able to install the new version. Whereupon all sound on her computer died except a Skype conversation. That means she couldn't hear voicemail greetings or voicemail, or any other Windows sound at all, even the Windows startup sound. Much troubleshooting ensued. Eventually, she was able to get sound running again by running Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Voice/Test Hardware... and running the Sound Hardware Test Wizard.

I think the Skype installer was trying to implement a setting in Windows 7 and later (but in XP) that mutes/reduces all other sound when it thinks you are using communications software like Skype. Since the setting isn't in XP, it ended up killing all sounds all the time (whether Skype was running or not) other than Skype, and not all of Skype to boot! You could talk and listen on Skype, but you couldn't hear it ring nor hear voicemail greetings, nor voicemail recorded for you.

This entire updating and installation of Skype took us about 90 minutes, which is about 80 minutes more than I think it should have taken. But it seems to be working now, except that every time you launch the program on her computer, it prompts you to update it. But it won't actually update if you say yes on that screen.

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