Jun. 15th, 2017


Jun. 15th, 2017 04:57 pm
kevin_standlee: (SMOF License)
Yesterday, I drove us into Sparks in the Rolling Stone to Big O Tires and we paid about $1300 to redeem the Astro for the repairs, including the rear axle, rear brakes, and front idler arms, but not including the new tires ($550) we bought last week separately. Painful, but it is of course very important to have the van in roadworthy condition, with our trip to Arizona coming up in two weeks.

We left the RV parked in Sparks and drove in the Astro to the Peppermill for dinner, where they didn't even have to ask, but directed us to our regular table. We're so predictable.

Logically, we should have tried to do some shopping after dinner, but I was too tired and we did have to convoy home, so we simply drove back to Sparks, where Lisa got the Astro and we drove home and I soon thereafter fell into bed. My Central Time Zone work hours are convenient for leaving time for errands, but they are unsociable for other reasons.

Another accomplishment yesterday was to book the last hotel room in the Arizona trip: one night at the Riverside in Laughlin, where we'll stay on the outbound trip the night before we arrive in Tempe.

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