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Today, Lisa and I went to Reno to do errands at the bank, have brunch at the Peppermill, and get grocery shopping done to restock things for her while I'm away in the Bay Area for the next two weeks. To our surprise, we were attacked by a helicopter while at the Peppermill.

A Helicopter, You Say? )

Lisa was very happy to have had a chance to view the exhibits and talk with people at this event. It was a bit of letdown for her to have to leave and have us finish our shopping and go home, but it was still nice to have stumbled onto it in the first place.
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TAFF Candidate Warren Buff has posted his Renovation Worldcon Report [PDF], which is also a sort of opening salvo in his campaign for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund. I'm always interested in reading Worldcon reports, since everyone's Worldcon is different, even when, as in our case, our paths cross a lot, like the nearly nine hours we both spent in RSCC A2 (the Business Meeting). I'm sorry that I embarrassed him, but I felt at the time that I had to make a point about how the MPC had in my opinion misbehaved.

But I digress )

I like and respect Warren even when I disagree with him in detail. I hope people will read his trip report as an earnest toward his plans for how he'll approach his TAFF trip should he win.
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Because I broke my camera during Renovation (I left it banging around inside my computer pack instead of in its own case, and the trigger assembly broke off. It may be fixable but I've been too busy with Fernley House to do anything about it), I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures during Worldcon as usual. The photo below was given to me by Adrienne Foster.

On Friday afternoon of Renovation, after the business meeting, with my having achieved pretty much most of the goals I'd set out to achieve and with no commitments that afternoon or evening, I kitted up in my WSFS uniform and walked around the convention and enjoyed myself. While in the Exhibits area, I saw the Game of Thrones throne and decided that if people thought I was an egotist for pushing my agenda and silly for wearing costumes (where have all of the Worldcon hall costumes gone?), I'd give them egotistical and silly.

Humphrey Bogart I'm Not )
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Through a confusion during Worldcon load-out, the printer that [ profile] kproche and [ profile] bovil brought up to Renovation accidentally got shuffled to the wrong place and ended up in Renovation's stuff, not back with Kevin and Andy. Once the location of the missing printer was settled, the question was how to get it back where it belong. What ended up happening was that the person who had it (in Fallon), who had reason to be in Fernley, dropped it off at the Fernley House, then I collected it from Lisa this past weekend and carried it back to the Bay Area, where I delivered it to Kevin & Andy at BASFA last night. It was slower than shipping it, but there was no marginal cost for anyone, since all of us involved in this particular chain were going that way anyway. As supply-chain management is what I do for a living, I'm pleased when things work out this conveniently.
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I finally got around to editing and uploading the 2011 Worldcon Chairs Photo Session at Renovation. Unfortunately, because I broke my camera (and thus we only had Lisa's camera available), we didn't take any still photos this year.
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It will take you a little while to read it all, but I do recommend reading Paul Cornell's Renovation Report, as he does, I think, do an excellent job of pointing out many of the good and bad bits of this year's Worldcon and of Worldcon as a whole.
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On the evening of the Hugo Awards, I spotted Leigh Ann Hildebrand in a beautiful dress decorated with dozens of blue LEDs. It was very striking. The following evening at the BASFA meeting in the Con Suite during the Dead Dog party, Leigh Ann came and distributed the glowing LEDs, which were made by securing the LEDs to watch batteries with Velcro dots. I wore mine for a while, but when Lisa arrived with [ profile] travelswithkuma we just had to give it to the Bear.

Magical Bear photos herein )

Lisa says that Kuma Bear is very taken with his Blue Light. We came up with several different names for him before it dawned on me that there's a very plausible story here surrounding anime.

Translation tale? )

So we have been variously calling Kuma "Blue Light Bear" and "Magical Ursine Kuma Bear" all week. Lisa says Bear doesn't mind being considered both special and magical.

One of Us

Aug. 28th, 2011 10:50 pm
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I appreciate all of the people who sent me birthday wishes yesterday on my 46th birthday; however, what with moving and all I wasn't really in the best position to appreciate things. We're just too busy. But as I mentioned earlier, we did go to the Atlantis and had their big seafood buffet. As usual, [ profile] travelswithkuma sat between Lisa and me looking at his keno ticket. While Lisa was going back for seconds, a woman in a familiar-looking t-shirt walked by and said how cute the Bear looked. Lisa came back and I chased down the passing woman, who was looking over some of the selections. Sure enough, she was wearing a Renovation t-shirt.

I said, "You didn't give me a chance to say thank you — we're part of the same tribe!" I explained that we'd also been at the Worldcon, and she remembered hearing about Match Game SF and thus had a reference for me. She was a local who attended the convention; it was her second Worldcon (ConFrancisco clear back in 1993 was her first), and she said she had a great time. Unfortunately, she said, "I hope you guys decide to bring it back here again soon," having utterly missed how Worldcon sites are selected. I did try to give her the brief outline, but (as I've found before), the fact that we don't have a Board of Directors selecting sites by some Master Plan of Rotation is mind-boggling to many people, including plenty of fans. People assume that of course there's some distant central organizing group that is In Charge making the plans, and all of this bidding stuff goes right over their heads. As I pointed out to her, "In one sense, if you want Reno to host Worldcon again, you probably have to go out and bid for it yourself," a prospect that did not fill her with joy.

Still, it was nice to see more locals who enjoyed the convention. I just hope we can convert them to stay interested and/or travel to conventions more than commuting distance away.
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Besides the massive time investment from Lisa Hayes and show producer [ profile] yourbob (not to mention [ profile] travelswithkuma), I'd like to thank returning production assistant Brad Ackerman and first-time show announcer [ profile] daveon for their work on a our Late Late Show version of Match Game SF last night at Renovation.

I would have liked to have played more than three games, but we started very late, and unfortunately the contestants and panelists were on different pages, so game 2 ended in a scoreless tine and had to go to Double Secret Sudden Death Overtime to get a winner, so when game 3 ended in a tie, we skipped the first tie-breaker and went straight to Sudden Death in order to resolve it so people would have a chance to get down to the Atlantis and hit the late parties.

The last game, by sheer chance, was a mother-daughter pair, where the daughter was only nine years old, but who won the hearts and minds of everyone in the room with her cleverness. She actually got a Lovely Parting Gift before she was called as a panelist because of a clever exchange we had with her earlier in the show prompted me to give her one. I said that in two years when we're in Sacramento, I think I want young Tia as a panelist for the afternoon version of the show, because she's bright and funny.
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Because the Hugos ran longer than expected, and because it was so difficult for the flood of people to get out of the Tuscany Ballroom across the Sorrento Room where our show was, we started very late and even playing only 3 games managed to run past 12:30 AM.

Kudos to Lisa and especially to [ profile] yourbob for incredible service well above the call of duty, skipping the Hugo Ceremony to help Lisa make the show possible.

I'd write more, but after packing the show out of the Sorrento Room back into my van, and driving us back to the hotel, we're beat. Fortunately there was still a little bit of food in the room, because we're worn out. I'm so glad I have no appointments tomorrow morning, particularly no 9 AM Business Meeting Setup.

Good Show

Aug. 21st, 2011 02:26 am
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Our CoverItLive Coverage of the Hugo Awards drew more than 700 people at peak. I heard that more than 600 people were watching the UStream video feed. I'll write more about it when I get a chance.
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I've been asked to try and explain the details of what happened at yesterday's Business Meeting, where the motions were flying around quickly. I hope to eventually try and do something about that, using my notes and the meeting video. But it was very complex, and I don't have the time to do it sufficient justice during Worldcon. Possibly if I'd sat down immediately after the meeting and spent an hour on it instead of going to eat lunch, I could have finished it, but not now.

Everything that happened yesterday was legal by the rules, but we did get a little deep into arcana, such as moving to suspend the rules to permit the introduction of motion to amend an amendment. Someday I will try and write the blow-by-blow account where it will probably sound more logical than it did while it was happening.
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Thanks again to Cheryl Morgan for making available her Vimeo Pro account in order to let me upload this without having to wait until mid-day tomorrow for it to be available.
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The Main WSFS Business Meeting at Renovation used most of the 3-hour program slot, but managed to resolve all substantive business other than Site Selection by the end of the meeting.

The results can be skipped for those whose eyes glaze over at the mention of WSFS or Business Meetings )

Relatively speaking, with the exception of the debate over whether site selection e-voting should be allowed under any circumstances, the ratifications breezed through, and we'd gotten through most of the day's agenda only 35 minutes after the call to order. However, now we got to New Business, and things got messy.

Very Messy )

Summary of New Business:
  • Best Fancast Hugo Award: Passed 75-11

  • Semiprozine/Fanzine Changes: Passed after amendments to Fanzine definition, 60-4

The meeting adjourned at 12:36 PM, having finally disposed of all substantive business except Site Selection. That will be formally announced at Saturday's Site Selection Meeting, where the newly-seated Worldcon will announce its guests of honor and answer opening questions. After that it will be Question Time for next year's Worldcon, and also for bids for future Worldcons.

No other substantive business is expected at Saturday's meeting. The Worldcon Chairs Photo Session will be in the same room no earlier than 11 AM, and about 20 minutes after that the Mark Protection Committee will meet in the same room. The MPC meeting scheduled for Sunday is therefore cancelled.

I'm uploading video of the meeting now (than Ghod for a higher-bandwidth wired connection at this hotel!) and will post about it when it's available.
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I'd sort-of like to apologize to those who might have been expecting a detailed report of the results of the WSFS Business Meeting within minutes or even a couple of hours of its adjournment this afternoon. But instead Lisa and I went off and had lunch with Don Eastlake and Linda Deneroff, and then I spent today simply wandering around the convention enjoying myself. After going back to the hotel room to check my blood sugar after lunch, I decided to put on my WSFS uniform again, and I was out until almost 8 PM. Lisa spent much of the afternoon sitting at the Luna Society table with her friend Chris Carson, before heading back to the hotel for a nap.

As I compose this, I am downloading the video from today's meeting's master shot from my camera, and if all goes as I hope, there will be a video by tomorrow morning on Vimeo, and I expect to compose a Business Meeting Report later tonight, but not right now. I'm busy attending Worldcon on what turns out to be the most lightly-scheduled day of the five for me.
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I've managed to throw together the relatively raw video from the Preliminary Business Meeting and generate a low-resolution video of the master shot. The audio isn't very good, partially due to people not using the microphone.

My thanks to Cheryl Morgan for letting me use her Vimeo Pro account so that the file went to the front of the queue instead of having to wait for hours to release.
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As I reckon most people reading this LJ know, my two highest-priority items for this Worldcon Business Meeting were not necessarily those held in the highest priority by many attendees. I wanted the Business Meeting to pass a resolution overturning the Mark Protection Committee's rule effectively banning any of its members or subcommittee members from being eligible for the Hugo Award, and I wanted to defeat a constitutional amendment that would have written that rule into the WSFS Constitution. After a whole lot of debate, a significant amount of which was technical rather than substantive, the resolution passed, and the constitutional amendment wasn't even debated, but was killed without debate by an Objection to Consideration. (By a 2/3 vote, the meeting can kill an item of new business without debate immediately after it is introduced, but not after debate has begun.)

There's a significant constitutional question involved in the debate. )

Thank you to everyone who voted to support the Resolution and reject the Amendment. I'm happy on many grounds, not the least of which is that we can, I hope, get rid of any nonsensical implication that the Hugo Awards for Best Semiprozine in 2010 and Best Fan Writer in 2009 were somehow unfairly obtained.
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My apologies for not putting this out sooner. After the Business Meeting this afternoon I absolutely had to have lunch, and then I had responsibilities around the convention including a panel at 5 PM, and besides, it takes a long time just to pull the recorded video off of my camera and into my computer.

The Preliminary Business Meeting used the entire 3-hour program slot, and really didn't actually get through the entire agenda even then. The meeting adjourned leaving one item unresolved, and will have to deal with the resulting conflicts at Friday's Main Business Meeting.

The gory details in bullet-point form )

Because the Preliminary Business Meeting did most of its job (resolving conflicts and setting agendas), the agenda for Friday's Main Business Meeting is substantially shorter and manageable.

Outline agenda; actual official agenda may vary )

Yes, it was a very long, tough meeting. Seriously, the Westercon Site Selection Business Meeting at San Jose last month was relatively easy — only one issue, albeit a vastly contentious one — compared to this. I'm really amazed we accomplished as much as we did.
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Sharon Sbarsky told me yesterday afternoon that the Events Tech team down at the Peppermill want me to come down on Saturday and make sure that I can raise the internet there for the CoverItLive coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony. That's good, and I want to do it, but when Sharon said they wanted me there sometime between 9 AM and Noon, I said, "Nope. Business Meeting. Mark Protection Committee Meeting." She knows that, and told them so. I'll come over there when I can, but Saturday will be really busy.

Keeping Busy This Weekend )
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My main contribution to the Raleigh NASFiC party was to help carry bags of soda from the FoodSource grocery store diagonally across the street from the Atlantis, but I'm told that this was indeed helpful and so I reckon I did my part. While I would have loved to have stayed out later and talked and SMOFed, I have to be up early for meetings and therefore am going to try to get to bed before midnight so I might get as much as six hours sleep.

There was an active party scene tonight, full of crowded parties, but none intolerably so that I noticed. It was, however, pretty warm, as the hotel's air conditioning isn't really up to coping with so many people in this area. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was really pleased to run into several more first-time-convention (not just first Worldcon) attendees, although none of them found us by way of this time.

One exception to the good cheer )

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